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This is a non-profit site developed in cooperation with www.e9coupe.com and it is maintained entirely through contributions of time, skill, and funds from the E9 community.

The E9-Registry Developers and Maintainers:

    Dan Graves (of e9coupe.com web-meister fame)

    Tom Chao (web developer extraordinaire)

    John Jacobs (general lackey)

    Stan Chamallas (Gruppenfuehrer)

    Alan G. Estrada (Architect)

    Christopher Macha (CA)

We extend special gratitude to our generous supporters:

    Richard Chen (CA)

    Charles W Moss Jr. (NY)

    Mike Pelly (CA)

    Duane Sword

    Adam Wickstead

    Peder Mansson

    Henric Anselm

All people registering coupes, providing kind notes, and site development ideas are very much appreciated.

Financial contributions are always welcome and appreciated but absolutely not required to participate in the E9 Registry project. Currently our site operating costs are only about $150/year and we plan to keep the site operation indefinitely. If contributions eclipse operating costs we will take a site-sponsored trips to a coffee shop and drink the proceeds.

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