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Model/Year: 3.0 CS - 1975   ( Color: Polaris Neu )
VIN: 4320824
Build Date:
Vehicle Status: Seen in Ad
City, State/Province: Pomona, CA
Country: United States of America
Modifications: Late European-version, built 12/2/75 and delivered to the dealer 1/30/76, automatic transmission, A/C, power windows all around; original (Zenith) carburetors, steering wheel & door mirrors (L manual, R optional power as-delivered); detailed trunk with new trunk carpet & excellent tool box; comes with 1 of 3 wheel options (BBS as mounted, stock CS or stock CSi wheels, all shown in photos). Complete, very original car, with low mileage (110962 km), service records, and very little rust (only found on some of the outer body panels, as shown in photos; none in the rockers, floors, inner fenders or shock towers, where these cars typically rust). Rear seat fabric is sun-faded and split at top of seats. Wood is peeling. Clear coat on paint is bad in some sections. A/C is inoperative (needs new compressor, hoses, & drier to work again). Incorrect badge on trunk lid. Nothing on car has been overhauled, but it was completely serviced recently and worn parts were replaced as necessary. Car runs very well. (Was driven 800 miles round-trip to a car show in August without incident.) This is an unusually good, dry restoration candidate, or else a decent daily driver as-is. (Note that front spoiler was removed after photos were taken, so body is in stock configuration.)
General History: At CSi in Pomona on eBay 4/11/16
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year:
Gallery URL:
Date Posted: 4/11/2016
Last Updated:

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