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Model/Year: 2800 CS - 1971   ( Color: Chamonix )
VIN: 2280504
Odometer (Approx.): 105000 Miles
Build Date: Mar 4, 1971
Vehicle Status: Driven
City, State/Province: Las Vegas,
Country: United States of America
Modifications: Originally automatic but converted over to 4-speed and engine has vin 2263920 which is a 3.0CSI from a 71 or 72. Currently its running dual webers. All were done over 10 years ago before my friend purchased it and sold to me.
General History: Built March 4, 1971 and delivery to Hoffman motors in NY on April 26, 1971. Originally polaris from BMW records but my color plate and Karmann plate say chamonix with color code 85. I looked all over vehicle and cant find any polaris color on car. Interior is in great shape with no scuffing on leather blue seats. Vehicle was stored in my friend's garage for over 6 years without being driven before my purchase.
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E9Coupe.com Alias: DaSurfa
Date Posted: 6/13/2012
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