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Model/Year: 3.2 CSL [Alpina] - 1974   ( Color: Polaris )
VIN: 4355008
Odometer (Approx.): 140,000 Km
Build Date: April 1974
Vehicle Status: Driven
Country: Switzerland
Modifications: Converted by Alpina in May 1974, including 3.0 liter D-Jetronic engine (250 bhp), 5-speed ZF gearbox, special clutch assembly, larger diameter exhaust, larger anti-roll bars (front & rear) and larger brake discs. I have the original Alpina invoice for DM 12,000; the price of a 2002 in 1974!
General History: The car had 3 owners in Germany before it was acquired by Pradip Pattni in the 1980s. The car benefited from a partial restoration at Alpina and was meticulously looked after (the car was sent in a covered truck from the U.K. to Alpina in Buchloe each year for its major service!i) while in Pardip's care. I bought the car from Pradip in 1999 at what was, at the time, the highest price paid for a road-going CSL Batmobile (I am an Alpina addict and I figured an original Alpina version of the last series Batmobile was about as special as it gets and would not lose its value over time). I have done several great road trips with the car, including a 2-week 5,000 km trip which also included the Mille Miglia course. The engine was rebuilt last winter; it had started blowing a bit of oil when engine braking. Interseting side note: it shares a garage with an original CSL Gr 2 race car - the 1977 Luigi Racing UFO which was runner-up in the 1977 ETCC (and would have won outright if not for having been disqualified after having won the race at the Nurburgring) and which won the IMSA class at Le Mans, finishing 8th overall
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Date Posted: 6/3/2012
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