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Model/Year: 2800 CS - 1970   ( Color: Polaris )
VIN: 2270319
Build Date: 09/70
Vehicle Status: Driven
Street Address: 4134 Elizabeth Ct
City, State/Province,
Postal Code:
Cypress, CA, 90630
Country: United States of America
Modifications: Head replaced about 10 years ago because original had corroded to much. Previous owner added the one piece BBS basket wheels. I rebuilt the Zeniths and took off the Webers he had installed. Would'nt pass smog here in CA back in 94 and I feel the cars runs better with the Zeniths anyways.
General History: I am the third owner of the car. I purchased the car in 94 from a customer of mine. I own a BMW repair shop and do all of the work on the car.
Purchase/Sale Price: $9000.00
Purchase/Sale Year: 1994
Gallery URL:
Owner Name: Brian Fields
Owner Email: bfields315@aol.com
Date Posted: 5/8/2012
Last Updated: 5/9/2012

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