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Model/Year: 3.0 CSi - 1973   ( Color: Polaris )
VIN: 2265057
Odometer (Approx.): 75000 Km
Build Date: 29-06-1973
Vehicle Status: Driven
Country: New Zealand
Modifications: None, kept original.
General History: RHD car originally registered in Singapore. Imported to NZ in 2003 by Vern Jacobson Ltd, Tauranga (65,991km). Had new fuel pump straight away. Sold as was, after being in showroom for a couple of months. I am the 3rd owner in NZ. Clean & tidy, drives well, driven once a month.
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E9Coupe.com Alias: Stanley
Date Posted: 8/8/2011
Last Updated: 5/26/2014

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