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Model/Year: 3.0 CSL - 1973   ( Color: Inka )
VIN: 2275236
Odometer (Approx.): 140000 Km
Build Date: January 4th, 1973
Vehicle Status: Driven
Country: France
Modifications: HEIDEGGER-CSL : Gr2 Motorsport fenders, Heidegger front spoiler. Period ATS split rims; Heigo rollcage; 3.45:1 40% diff; Getrag 5 speed sport; Dellorto DHLA45, electric fan, Heidegger oil cooler kit, Heidegger VDO console,...
General History: This car is a real lightweight, with plexiglass rear windows and reading lamp on the dashboard (of the 429 LHD 3003ccm CSLonly about 100 received the same full leightweight spec as the carbureted CSLs) //////////// Such "real" lightweights were not available through the Swiss network. Like in the UK, in Austria and (with one or two exceptions) in Italy, the Swiss dealerships received only city-pack 3003ccm CSLs for the model-year 1973 (9/72 to 8/73). A Swiss customer who wanted a light car had to order it through a German dealer and import it himself. This is how Autohaus Friedlin, the German dealer closest to the Swiss border, sold this car and 2 or 3 other light CSLs to Swiss customers //////////// This car is also one of three CSLs which were transformed by Max Heidegger in 1973-74. Two of them, both Inka Orange, received a Motorsport wing extension kit, a front spoiler made by BBS, a shorter 3.45 differential and engine upgrades. The third one was an Alpina B2S, onto which Heidegger grafted Alpina Gr2 wing extensions //////////// Heidegger were at the same time a BMW dealer, a successful "tuner" and a respected race car builder. As a race car builder they built F2 engines for BMW Motorsport, they made the best Formula Vee engines, they prepared very successful 2002s for the Swiss hillclimb championship, they won the Gr2 class at Le Mans in 1975, and they built Marc Surer's BMW 320 Gr5 and M1 Procar. As a tuning workshop they prepared many 2002s, a number of E9s, E12s and E21s, and the three CSLs //////////// Between 1971 and 1975 extremely few road legal CSLs were fitted with Gr2 extension kits. Two or three came directly from BMW, three from Heidegger. There were a white and blue car from Koepchen, maybe two or three cars from Schnitzer and likely one from GS tuning (looking similar to the orange Heideggers). Alpina apparently did not build any ////////////
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year: 2000
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Date Posted: 5/10/2011
Last Updated: 8/20/2014

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