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Model/Year: 3.2 CSL - 1973   ( Color: Chamonix )
VIN: 2275489
Build Date: 12 July 1973
Vehicle Status: In Storage
Country: Switzerland
General History: Third manufactured Bat and probably the oldest surviving one (the two first 3,2CSL were test cars) 2275489 was delivered on Friday the 13th of July to BMW's Sales and Marketing team, with the registration plate number M-YM313. It was one of the cars on display at the Aschheim test track in August 73, for the introduction of the 1974 range to the Press. In some press articles it was shown with Alpina wheels and a Petri steering wheel, in others with prototype Mahle wheels and a Motorsport-Ati steering wheel. This car was also the winged CSL used for the B/W pictures of the IAA 73 press kit. By CSL standards this 3,2 had a pretty unique specification: City Pack, 4 electric windows, air conditioning, a toolkit under the boot lid and strange seatbelts hanging from the roof. Despite all the luxury options it did not have a power steering, nor headrests BMW sold the car in Feb 1975 to Hans Biermann, an entrepreneur living in the Black Forest region. Now registered TUT-S5, it wore the prototype Mahle wheels. It was raced locally. In December 1977 the car was imported in Switzerland. The new owner, Roland Jenny, kept the car until 1990 or 1991, although he tried to sell it on several occasions. A possible reason why the car did not attract a new owner was that 2275489 had been relooked (probably in 1977 already) and it looked pretty strange. It was repainted Alpin-weiss, with non-original black stripes, with protective mouldings on the sides, with Ronal "Kleeblatt" wheels and with headrests in the back. After Jenny finally got rid of it, 2275489 eventually changed hands several times but it was never road registered again. All the successive owners were body repair workshops and used-car dealers, which probably used the car on trade plates occasionally. In July 1994 the last seller, a Garage in Solothurn, wanted to get rid of the car at any price - I could buy it for a giveaway price Nothing happened since, it was just stored in dry places. Restoration is expected to start soon.
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year: 1994
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E9Coupe.com Alias: 2275xxx
Date Posted: 5/10/2011
Last Updated: 10/7/2013

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