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Model/Year: 3.0 CS - 1975   ( Color: Nachtblau )
Build Date: 29-04-1975
Vehicle Status: In Storage
Country: Netherlands
Modifications: braided steel re-enforced brakelines, it also got Bilstein shocks , Jaymic sportssprings and a genuine set of Alpina 16"rims. sparco deepdish sports steeringwheel. 2x sparco bucket seats 2x 4-point Sabelt racing harness. Pending: M106 engine swap, dogleg 5-sp gbox engine management: megasquirt2 megaspark, coil: Opel Omega MV6 (wasted spark setup) intercooler: custom made. front crank pulley: from an e34 M30B35 (60-2 teeth, needed to let the ECU establish TDC.) custom made full 3"exhaust system. Intake: delete of flapper AMM, install of MAP-sensor. (manifold absolute pressure) Car has 3 sets of wheels: 14"old style 39 alloys hubcaps 16" staggered set of 70's Alpina wheels 15" lightweight allot ATS racing wheels with slicks
General History: the car was first registered in Germany. I bought it from a cardealer in 1999. Back then it was still FjordBlue and it had, Tan leather, sunroof, 14" imitation alpina rims with 205/70 tires on it. The car did not have matching numbers when i bought it. It was probably replaced by the previous owner (Bodo Schroeder?) I had the body restored, it needed lots of welding in both A-pillar area's, door sills and floor, front and rear windowframes.The car got a full body respray including the insides of boot, enginebay and seating cabin. color: Nachtblau. Body was waxoiled in all hollow areas for rustprevention. brandnew oldstock ATE front callipers and steering linkages (pitman arm) The imitation 14 Alpina wheels were replaced by a good set of the old style e9 FPS alloys. It's now off the road pending the finish of the M106 Žngine install.
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Date Posted: 2/13/2011
Last Updated: 2/13/2011

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