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Model/Year: 3.0 CS - 1971   ( Color: Nachtblau )
VIN: 2210044
Odometer (Approx.): 172300 Km
Build Date:
Vehicle Status: Driven
Street Address: 2, Chemin de Bayne
Country: France
General History: One hand vehicule acquired in 1999 and fully restored in body. Original engine, equipments restored (oil pump, starter, generator, carburetors, fuel pump etc.). Clutch new, gear box restored with new bearings and synchros. Final drive revisited with new seals. transmissions restored. exhaust is inox type
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year:
Gallery URL:
Owner Name: Mils
Owner Email: Daniel.Milor@wanadoo.fr
Owner Phone: 33 6 89 63 20 86
E9Coupe.com Alias: Mils
Date Posted: 6/27/2010
Last Updated:

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