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Model/Year: 3.0 CSi - 1972   ( Color: Colorado )
VIN: 2263210
Build Date: August 28, 1972
Vehicle Status: In Storage
State/Province: CA
Country: United States of America
Modifications: 3.5L, 5spd, 16" Alpinas, Stainless Exhaust, CSL Steering & Fender trims.
General History: • VIN # 2263210—Number 3210 out of a complete production run of 6506 CSi coupes. It is one of 2999 1972 CSi coupes built and delivered worldwide during the 1972 production year. This car was built on August 28th 1972 with original color of “Colorado (02)”. • It was delivered to BMW dealer, Hans Wagner in Bonn, Germany. First sold in December 12th 1972 to H. Rudolf Osang whom I was told was a politician. One year later his assignment was changed and the car was sold Albert Truschinsky, an engineer. • The service book shows its first 41,680 Kilometers until April 24th 1974, was performed by the original dealer with all stamps and stickers in the service book to support. Mr. Truschinsky then brought it to Chatsworth, California in August 18, 1976. I bought the car on October 26th 1996 with 267,600 Kilometers on the clock. I then had the speedometer’s face plate changed and recalibrated to show MPH and leaving the mileage as was showing, which really translated to almost the same (267,600x.625=167,250). • The car was painted once and the cloth interior replaced with non-original material by the previous owner. The chassis was completely free of rust and extremely solid, and that was the main reason for purchasing this car, besides the color that I just loved. • Engine-- The head gasket was cracked and the engine did not have the correct CSi pistons at the time. On February of 1997, the engine was replaced with a 1985 3.5 liter 735i engine and a 1981 528i Getrag 5-speed overdrive transmission. The original D-Jetronic injection was kept on the car. The original engine with the matching chassis number was stored for future rebuild and originality. Stainless exhaust system is now fitted. • Interior-- Replaced the interior seat covers with the original black Herringbone pattern. New carpet was installed in 1997 from World Upholstery, but I did not like the material. I have since found and replaced with original carpet pieces. Original headliner still on the car but needed to be dyed. Dash was replaced due to its cracks. All door panels are original and in good condition. Toolbox has all the correct tools, and all the trunk liners are original and in great shape. • Exterior-- On April 1999 a minor accident forced me to take it to South Bay Auto Shop where it received a new left front fender and the nose skin and a complete re-paint. At that time I had all of the seals and trims replaced, re-conditioned, re-chromed and re-anodized. 16” Alpinas and CSL fender trims are now fitted. http://www.fototime.com/inv/5AC3F7161BF07C5
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year: 10/26/1996
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Date Posted: 1/26/2010
Last Updated: 10/22/2010

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