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Model/Year: 2800 CS - 1970   ( Color: Polaris )
Build Date: KARMAN 69
Vehicle Status: In restoration
State/Province: CA
Country: United States of America
Modifications: UPDATED: 6/18/14 I have a LSD 3.45 & 265 trans from proper 528 5 speed car. 3.5L engine ready to install 45mm SK carburators. Rust repair has started rockers are better than I thought treating with Ospho to stop corrosion patching holes where needed, rear window frame was the worst of it 6 days stitching back together welding. Removed right front fender today rust on tower is minor couple patches will be fine lot of dirt in under there though amazing how much, still very solid considering age, and years of neglect. Previous drivers side damage apparent after front drivers side fender removal looks decently done older repair will clean all the not so nice looking parts and brazing off, and repair rusty spots under both fenders towers are solid which was my main concern, still shes not the perfect one which makes this a race car not a show queen car, though with some love can be made to show any queen how to look good.
General History: Last serviced at H&B service in Berkeley, Ca.
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Date Posted: 12/9/2009
Last Updated: 6/20/2014

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