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Model/Year: 3.0 CS - 1973   ( Color: Polaris )
Build Date: December 1, 1972
Vehicle Status: Driven
City, State/Province: Canmore, AB
Country: Canada
Modifications: 3.5l L Euro block, Arias forged pistons, 282 cam, Ported 535i head and manifolds, Getrag 265 (5spd) and 3.45 LSD rear end, Bilstein HD and 28/23mm ST sway bars and lowering springs, 16" staggered Alpina wheels, batteries under rear seat, Recaro SRD front seats, rear seat delete (removable), ample sound system, 320is steering wheel with a Nardi in reserve. June 2010 - Completion of conversion to fully programable EFI and engine management using SDS stand alone ECU and on board system programer. Intake manifold, throttle body and related mechanical components from 1981 528i. Intake runners from 320i switched for improved breathing and overall 3% gain in torque and rwhp. Jan 2011 Rear 4 point roll cage with removable diagonal and extensive seam welding done . March 2012 - Convert intake manifold to late motronic style from 1989 735i along with fuel rail/injectors, throttle linkage and converting to Tii brake booster. Installation of seatbelt retractors into rear quarter panels, strip cabin floor to bare metal, seam welding, rust treatment/primer and sound control treatment. March 2013 - Complete new exhaust system using B35 manifolds and 2" down tubes merged into 2.5" mandrel elbow and pipe with 22" resonator and 5"x8" x 24" rear muffler. New cold air intake and 16" electric pusher fan replacing viscous clutch fan. Refinished a set of 8" x 17" Style 42 BBS wheels to replace the staggered 7"/8" x 16" Alpina wheels. March 2014 - Replaced power front windows with manual and rear quarter with fixed glass. Replaced power steering with manual steering box. Removed subwoofer, rear pair 6" speakers and two stereo amplifiers. Complete refresh of b35 cylinder head with new 282 regrind cam and full street port/polish. April 2015 - Refurbish rear shock towers with 1/8" steel plate washers welded into hole. Front driver and passenger 3 point inertia reel seat belts installed into rear quarter panel cavity and top pivot point located on roll cage. Rear wheel fender lips trim and 10mm wheel spacers installed. Inline shutoff valve installed on heater box inlet port. New speedo cable.
General History: There have been at least three owners of this South California car that had extensive restoration work and mechanical upgrades in 2000 at which time was repainted Polaris over the original Malaga. Very sound body and very reliable operation that makes it a joy to travel long distances. The only quirk to the car is that the sunroof motor is in the trunk and the sunroof is after market. Sunroof deleted in December 2010.
Purchase/Sale Price: $19,000 USD
Purchase/Sale Year: Nov 2004
Gallery URL: [ View Photo Gallery ]
Owner Email: decoupe73cs@gmail.com
E9Coupe.com Alias: decoupe
Date Posted: 10/22/2009
Last Updated: 4/20/2015

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