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Model/Year: 2800 CS - 1969   ( Color: Baikal )
VIN: 2270012
Odometer (Approx.): 260,000 Miles
Build Date:
Vehicle Status: Driven
City, State/Province: Moorestown, NJ
Country: United States of America
Modifications: 3.5 w/webers, 5 speed. Lowered, camber plates, 14x7 Weds 2 piece wheels.
General History: Early US 4 speed car, actual date of production unknown, here is what BMW sent me. BMW 2800 C US # 2270012 was manufactured on September 26, 1969 and delivered on Sept. 26, 1969 to the BMW importer in New York City. Then later-Knowing this discrepancies for a lot of other cars too, we belive that the noted date of delivery is the date when the car left the storage facilities and went on the transport, not the date it arrived in the US. Today it is a mostly stock driver with 260K miles. CA car, minimal rust. Interior OK, very good mechanical condition.
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year: 2008
Gallery URL:
Owner Name: Todd Simpson
Owner Email: todd.simpson@comcast.net
E9Coupe.com Alias:
Date Posted: 10/21/2009
Last Updated: 1/23/2010

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