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Model/Year: 2800 CS - 1970   ( Color: Nachtblau )
VIN: 2270263
Odometer (Approx.): 111000 Miles
Build Date: 5/25/70
Vehicle Status: Driven
City, State/Province: Canton, MA
Country: United States of America
Modifications: Flowfit front seats, E24 rear seats, Nardi wheel, Bilsteins, Carl Nelson springs and sways, front strut bar, offset strut mounts, 16" staggered BBS', 3.3L with dual Weber 38s, Shrick cam,lightened flywheel, 123 programmable distributor, stainless exhaust, 3.0 brakes, 5 speed, 3.45 LSD.
General History: Manufactured on May 25th, 1970 and delivered on June 10th, 1970 to the Hoffman Motors Corp. in NewYork City. This was a CA car until 2000 when it was shipped East to me.
Purchase/Sale Price:
Purchase/Sale Year: 2000
Gallery URL: [ View Photo Gallery ]
E9Coupe.com Alias: TodB
Date Posted: 10/20/2009
Last Updated: 8/19/2015

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