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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2800 CS1969 2220060BaikalUnited States of America4/12/2011
General History:   Engine was rebuilt in 1985, sitting in garage since then. I put a note on the window 4 years ago. Eventually, the family called up and let me buy it.


2800 CS1969 2270012BaikalUnited States of America10/21/2009
General History:   Early US 4 speed car, actual date of production unknown, here is what BMW sent me. BMW 2800 C US # 2270012 was manufactured on September 26, 1969 and delivered on Sept. 26, 1969 to the BMW importer in New York City. Then later-Knowing this discrepancies for a lot of other cars too, we ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5 w/webers, 5 speed. Lowered, camber plates, 14x7 Weds 2 piece wheels.

2800 CS1969 2201721Polaris NeuUnited States of America3/15/2012
General History:   When pruchased the car was white, over matalic blue, over the original Plaris Nue, Silver grey.

Modifications:   None, Restored to very close to original euro-car condition, with original paint number, 60 Plaris Neu used.

2800 CS1969 2202116FjordblauNorway2/20/2012
General History:   I have owned the car since 1979. There is a 3.5 i motor now.

Modifications:   Welded some rust

2800 CS1969 2200351GranadaFinland12/12/2011
General History:   First bought by my grandfather in 1969 as new. Now owner is my sister.


2800 CS1969 2202330PolarisUnited States of America12/9/2011
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2201718OtherFrance11/1/2011
General History:   FOR SALE


2800 CS1969 2202357NevadaBelgium7/26/2011
General History:   Delivered in Switzerland 19/11/1969, bought in the Netherlands in 2008, imported to Belgium in 2010. Started the restoration in 2010 and hope to finish 2012...

Modifications:   Restoring back to original

2800 CS1969 2201276TürkisUnited Kingdom6/27/2011
General History:   In December 1968 when BMW first produced the 2800 CS, they were all left hand drive. They were very expensive in the UK, partly due to Import Duty and partly the exchange rate. BMW Concessionaires started importing them through Dover in October 1989 in small numbers and for an extra £313 (1969 ...[more]

Modifications:   Re-sprayed in Turkis from the original Tundra green. Interior changed from tan vinyl to black leather. Modern sound system with hidden rear shelf-mounted and front inner arch-mounted front speakers. Manual front windows replaced with electric. Lowered / uprated suspension with rolled front wing ...[more]

2800 CS1969 2200707OtherFrance5/9/2011
General History:   Well kno since its conversion from white road car to race car in 1969.

Modifications:   The BMW 2800 CS we are happy to offer for sale is a genuine Group 2 car used in the Italian touring car championship from 1969 to 1971. It was very successful in the hands of Italian driver Giuseppe Tarpani, taking 3rd overall place in the 1970 Championship in the 3000cc class. Developping 280 ...[more]

2800 CS1969 2202346OtherCanada11/14/2012
General History:   Purchased in Belgium, brought to Canada 1976, driven occasionally, then left at back of garage while I worked on other cars, bringing back to life now, needs new rubber etc before I drive it.


2800 CS1969 2270046PolarisUnited States of America4/14/2011
General History:   Car was imported by Hoffman . Been maintained at Brumos BMW in Jacksonville /Florida

Modifications:   no modifications so far

2800 CS1969 2201476PolarisBulgaria2/17/2013
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2200420SaharaUnited States of America3/27/2011
General History:   A great starter car, 32k original miles, former Maine Estate Summer Car..all leather near mint, headliner intact, dash wood needs attention and top pad is cracked.Needs a liitle work, but all structual integrity such as shoch towers etc...are perfect. New Pirellis, exhaust is fine, clutch is ...[more]

Modifications:   all stock, 4spd, black leather interior

2800 CS1969 2201339PolarisGermany5/15/2010
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2270011BaikalUnited States of America4/13/2010
General History:   ex-Max Hoffman show car used to introduce the 6-cylinder CS at San Francisco and LA car shows Fall 1968. Baikal blue with black interior, sunroof,

Modifications:   4-speed ZF replaced with Getrag, rear drum brakes replaced with disc brakes, black leather-covered sheel seats

2800 CS1969 2270003ChamonixUnited States of America6/18/2011
General History:   After 20 years parked in a clean garage and nine months with my mechanic, we are back on the road. Pics to follow soon.


2800 CS1969 2210780PolarisUnited States of America1/12/2010
General History:   Cylinder head removed to repair blown head gasket. Later determined the head was cracked. Engine incomplete


2800 CS1969 2200001UnknownCzech Republic12/24/2009
General History:   This is the first car made in year 1969. I have only original engine, gearbox, axles and diferential.


2800 CS1969 2200658ChamonixSweden11/17/2009
General History:   manufactured in mid January 1969. My father bought it in 1971

Modifications:   disc brakes at rear

2800 CS1969 2220098ChamonixNetherlands11/2/2009
General History:   Originally Baikal Blue car, delivered 14th of July1969 in Germany, with automatic gearbox, tan leather seats, sunroof, and BMW wooden steering wheel. The car is restored partially in 1995 and resprayed to Chamonix. Dashboard, heater system and front brakes overhauled. Purchased a set of ...[more]

Modifications:   BMW alpina style rims

2800 CS1969 2201885AtlantikNew Zealand10/24/2009
General History:   Now arrived in NZ (December 09) and have started exposing the rust in the usual places! The engine is seized and I will probably fit another until I can afford a full recon of the original.


2800 CS1969 2220334ChamonixHungary4/27/2011
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2202010PolarisBelgium2/24/2014
General History:   The BMW X VIN 2202010 was manufactured on July 7th, 1969 and the scheduled (or maybe even delivered) to the BMW Niederlassung Hamburg. However the car came back and was the delivered to Belgium on July 30th, 1969. What puzzles me is that "Belgium" is then crossed out again in the book but without ...[more]


2800 CS1969 2200661ChamonixItaly8/9/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2200774ChamonixSweden10/31/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2201857ChamonixUnited States of America4/8/2016
General History:   Craigslist ad from Orlando Florida The BMW 2800 CS VIN 2201857 which manufactured on June 11th, 1969 and delivered on June 13th, 1969 to the BMW dealer Döring in Wiesbaden. The original color what Chamonix, paint code 085th


2800 CS1969 2221273ChamonixSouth Africa3/18/2016
General History:   repairs- done to alterfnator, water pump and radiatot

Modifications:   a/c; sunroof

2800 CS1969 2201329Jade GreenPoland2/11/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2200489PolarisBelgium12/4/2015
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2201513PolarisSpain10/10/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   Installed Alpina wheels and front spoiler.

2800 CS1969 2201807BaikalFrance7/21/2015
General History:   Acheté dans son jus en 1994 pour 3500 Euros, je suis le troisième propriétaire. La voiture a été entièrement restaurée entre 96 et 97 après démontage total. Les quatre passages de roue, les bas de caisses, le coffre et les portières étaient à refaire, l'eau entrait dans la voiture au niveau de la ...[more]

Modifications:   Vitres teintés, silencieux en inox et sièges avec appuis-têtes de 30 CSI

2800 CS1969 2200738NachtblauBelgium5/15/2015


2800 CS1969 2200093ChamonixUnited States of America5/30/2012
General History:   Oldest racing car known. Restored in 2007.


2800 CS1969 2205847NachtblauDenmark4/8/2014
General History:   2nd owner were Rudolf Zobl of Bmw München fam e - who made most of the mods

Modifications:   CSL interior alpina gauges lsd with alpina beltdriven oilpump and coolr 3,5 l with 3x45 webers - widened Alpina suspension and CSL brakes with magnesium BMW motorsport calipers in front.

2800 CS1969 2200708OtherSweden10/9/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1969 2200389AlpinweissBelgium2/13/2014
General History:   Started as Swiss vechicle, imported to the netherlands. Now with me in Belgium.


2800 CS1969 2201126PolarisUnited States of America9/27/2013
General History:   Shipped by U.S. Military serviceman in 1991 to the U.S. Been Sitting in a garage the last 15 years. Vehicle was recently repaired to driving condition and was transported to Texas.


2800 CS1969 2270015GranadaUnited States of America10/19/2013
General History:   I purchase the car in 1999 from a physician in Southern California. I was told that this car has resided California , was shipped to Hoffman in 1969 and was among the first of only 43 US coupes to arrive in 1969. It is straight, no rust, runs fine.

Modifications:   None, all original. Usual renewal of brakes, tires, battery, exhaust rubber seals etc. Paint is faded but looks original.

2800 CS1969 2200284TürkisGermany8/25/2013
General History:  


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