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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CSi1975 4341284VeronaUnited States of America12/23/2010
General History:   First delivered in France (have Mobile Tradition info on it). Imported to Boulder, CO in 1982 by Art Krill (Bimmerwerks). Restored by Dan Koturov (1994-1998). Purchased by me in August 1998. Rear-ended and "totalled" in October 2002 (towed to salvage auction house ...) Apparently it was ...[more]

Modifications:   originally Nachtblau, repainted Verona

3.0 CSi1975 4340682NachtblauSweden11/19/2013
General History:   Original in very good condition


3.0 CSi1975 4341141OtherUnited States of America12/15/2009
General History:   Delivered July 4, 1975 to Bavaria S.p.A. in Verona, Italy. Imported to the USA in the mid 1980's. Original color was Sienabraun.


3.0 CSi1975 4341041NachtblauFrance8/25/2010
General History:   bought in 1998 with less than 100 000 kms, with workshop bmw stampel for revisions and bmw service book. totally rebuilt in 1999 on water, fuel, and air lines, brake cylinder and brakes. working on the engine from sept. 2009 to rebuild it totally.

Modifications:   5 speed Getrag gearbox ( not sport gearbox) front electrical windows (bmw system) inox steel exhaust system bilstein B6 schocks absorbers M1 steering wheel air conditionning (in preparation)

3.0 CSi1975 4350046GranatrotUnited Kingdom12/28/2009
General History:   5th owner. Bought after it had lain in a workshop for many years. Full restoration in 1992. see story on http://www.bmwcsregistry.org/Project_Cars/Dave_Black_Restoration/index.html

Modifications:   5 speed gearbox, stainless steel handmade fuel tank, stainless steel exhaust, LSD, uprated anti-roll bars, 16" staggered Alpina alloys.

3.0 CSi1975 4340866GranatrotSweden4/15/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4340666NachtblauSweden2/23/2013
General History:   This is an original car. No rustrepair.The very same paint as dlivered from factory1975. Sold new July 7 1975 at Förenade Bil i Stockholm AB

Modifications:   No modification

3.0 CSi1975 4340924PolarisNetherlands2/21/2010
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4341241FjordblauDenmark4/26/2011
General History:   Body was repainted in 2000

Modifications:   Bilstein Sport shocks x4 (2011) OEM Stainless exhaust (2011), OEM Stainless Gas tank (2011), Nardi Wood rim S/W, Bosch ignition (2011), Alpina spoke rims repaint (2011)

3.0 CSi1975 4340901ChamonixGermany7/19/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4350058AtlantikUnited Kingdom10/21/2012
General History:   One owner 24 years. Medical doctor got the garage to do all work on the car. Good condition! But used.

Modifications:   None known

3.0 CSi1975 4340778GranatrotCanada4/9/2014
General History:   Car was imported in 1988 by the previous owner. Two owner car, all origional, matching engine, one respray.


3.0 CSi1975 4341266FjordblauCanada9/5/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   MB Tex interior

3.0 CSi1975 4341145GranatrotLuxembourg5/31/2013
General History:   3rd owner

Modifications:   Repainted in original color Leather and carpets new General condition 2 (no rust)

3.0 CSi1975 4340722VeronaDenmark6/21/2013
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4350201UnknownIreland7/13/2013
General History:   This is the sixth to last RHD 3.0CSi ever made, it is a genuine Right Hand Drive manual car, one of only 207 made. It is finished in Gunmetal metallic with red leather interior. In 1975 they only made 13 cars and was sold new to Hong Kong with a great spec. The car had a factory fitted sunroof, ...[more]

Modifications:   Full size new Webasto sunroof fitted, 3.5 ltr engine 5 speed box

3.0 CSi1975 4340868TaigaAustria12/29/2013
General History:   The First owner was the Alimpo B.V. in s' Gravenhage (Netherlands). After the car had several dutch owners. 4340868 was still in Holland until the end of 2013. Since 2013 the car is in austria.

Modifications:   fully restored, Alpina 16" rims

3.0 CSi1975 4341322NachtblauUnited States of America9/15/2010
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4341416FjordblauSweden4/12/2013
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4340955PolarisUnited States of America11/10/2009
General History:   Italian delivery CSi, imported to California in 1980s. Cosmetic restoration in 2003 (painted Titan silver) with full mechanical and interior restoration in 2004-05. Currently a spirited (almost) daily driver.

Modifications:   Rebuilt 3.5L (Shrick cam, Mahle pistons, headers, etc.) with custom injection system (using D-Jet manifold), Getrag 265, 3.54 LSD, Recaros, staggered Weds, etc.

3.0 CSi1975 4341252FjordblauGermany11/1/2016
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4341103NachtblauNorway12/16/2009
General History:   The car have had 3 owners, and been in my possession for the last 19 years

Modifications:   It is in a very good original condition with only the "wear" parts changed. The car was totally checked and overhauled in 1992-1994 and has run 6000 km since then.

3.0 CSi1975 4340962Granat rot metSweden10/29/2009
General History:   Sold new in Sweden 06/1975. All service booklets, owners manuals etc. Matching numbers.

Modifications:   From factory fully equipped (excl. A/C). BMW Bavaria car stereo. Bilsteins, Stainless steel exhaust system. Original car.

3.0 CSi1975 4340787ArktisblauSweden3/10/2012
General History:   Sold new in sweden by Förenade Bil Stockholm. Repaint 2007.

Modifications:   No modification has been done.

3.0 CSi1975 4340859Anthrazit-GrauHungary3/23/2012
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4340789FjordblauNetherlands11/5/2009
General History:   This car is was originally sold in Italy, Brescia to be precise. Supposedly, it belonged to a Contessa who was found of driving quickly. It was imported to the Netherlands in 1993. Currently in use as daily driver.

Modifications:   derust, repaint, new engine, suspension, brakes and lots more

3.0 CSi1975 4340130TürkisUnited States of America11/4/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1975 4350141PolarisUnited Kingdom7/25/2011
General History:   Been in dry storage for a few years. As of July 2011 it's been recommissioned and is on the road. In June-August 2012 it underwent considerable exterior restoration addressing age-related bodywork issues. Gearbox rebuilt in Nov-Dec 2013.

Modifications:   Original blue velour Interior retrimmed in grey leather, 5 speed Getrag gearbox replaces original 4 speed.

3.0 CSi1975 4341339ChamonixJapan10/1/2011
General History:   I am 2nd owner since 1986, The car was delivered as new in 1976, no modification, original paint and interior

Modifications:   none

3.0 CSi1975 4341274FjordblauUnited States of America7/24/2011
General History:   Came to CA from Italy in 1984.

Modifications:   ????

3.0 CSi1974 4350129SchwarzUnited Kingdom8/23/2016
General History:   Third owner bought the car in 1976 and owned it until his death in 2014. Subjected to a major restoration in 2011. The car retains its original black leather interior, Alpina wheels, steering wheel and gear lever knob

Modifications:   Change of colour from original Türkis metallic, paint code 065, to Schwartz in 1976.

3.0 CSi1974 4340351AgaveUnited States of America10/3/2010
General History:   restored in 86 then rerestored along the way,tsolid #2 car

Modifications:   5spd,bilsteins,nardi wheel,blaupunk stereo

3.0 CSi1974 2266265TaigaGermany3/1/2012
General History:   first life in Italy, back in Germany 2007. Air condition, 4 el. windows

Modifications:   repainted in original colour 2008

3.0 CSi1974 4340036ChamonixUnited States of America9/21/2011
General History:   I purchased this car off of a used car lot in Santa Cruz CA back in 1991. I've owned and maintained it since. Here's the information from BMW about the car: The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 4340036 was manufactured on November 12th, 1973 and delivered on December 5th, 1973 to Italy. The original colour was ...[more]

Modifications:   Alpina 7x14" rims. Hardy & Beck suspension package (thick front bar, adjustable rear bar, Blistein HD shocks). Swapped out the original open 3.25 diff. for a 3.25 limited slip diff. Otherwise stock with original D-Jet injection. Original block was rebuilt. Car has original AC.

3.0 CSi1974 2266175FjordblauUnited States of America12/7/2010
General History:   Sold new in Italy; brought to US by Bob Mondelo of Foreign Engine, Everett, Mass. in 1986. Build date: 9/10/73. Updated to US specs except headlights and bumpers. I've owned since '86. Drives well, good overall shape with some rust behind front wheels and bubbling on right side fender. Driven ...[more]

Modifications:   No mods other than maintenance: new carpets; water pump; fuel pickup; brake calipers; hoses; rear sway bar; oil press sender; radio; misc.

3.0 CSi1974 4340564GranatrotGermany3/1/2012
General History:   first life in Italy, back in Germany 1988, new engine 50.000 km, air condition


3.0 CSi1974 4340197VeronaUnited States of America4/28/2013
General History:   Imported from Germany in 1981, I am the second US owner. Repainted in original color.

Modifications:   N.a

3.0 CSi1974 4340075SienabraunSwitzerland3/13/2012
General History:  

Modifications:   A/C, 16" wheels, 5spd gearbox, leather interior, stiffer suspension, 535 -91 engine with Megasquirt

3.0 CSi1974 2266188InkaUnited Kingdom7/8/2011

Modifications:   LOWERED SPRINGS

3.0 CSi1974 2265513SchwarzUnited States of America4/3/2013
General History:   purchase in Italy with new engine, restoration of body & new original paint (rustfree) in 2000. New fuel injectors & electrical harness. New leather interior. Minor rear-end fender bender was repaired "like new" in 2012. Runs great.

Modifications:   US grey mod - reinforced doors, seatbelt warning, headlights

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