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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CSi1972 2252551PolarisNetherlands9/22/2010
General History:   2000: imported from Italy to the Netherlands 2000: restored 2000 - 2008: two owners march 2010: bought by current owner

Modifications:   leather interior

3.0 CSi1972 2260130PolarisUnited States of America11/13/2009
General History:   Being restored by the Coupe King


3.0 CSi1972 2260165FjordblauUnited States of America6/14/2013
General History:   German Gray Market came to Prescott Arizona with young prep school student in around 1980. Suffered at this ownership and was sold to Ken Shafer, Mayor of Prescott and owner of BMW shop in 1985. Ken modified it to hot rod quality. I purchased in 1988 and have SLOWLY been repairing/replacing ...[more]

Modifications:   Previous owners added air conditioning, removed D-Jetronic FI. Installed 2 Webbers, painted beige, Minilites, some minor rust, belt line chrome gone. I am reversing these affronts.

3.0 CSi1972 2260449OtherSweden3/10/2014
General History:   owned by me since 1985..

Modifications:   M5 engine (S32) 5speed man/sport

3.0 CSi1972 2260495BaikalUnited States of America5/12/2015
General History:   The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2260495 was manufactured on September 17th, 1971 and delivered on September 29th, 1971 to BMW Italia in Palazzolo/Verona. The original colour was Baikal metallic, paint code 042. Imported in 1984 to the US

Modifications:   All Original

3.0 CSi1972 2260505PolarisUnited States of America6/7/2016
General History:   seen in BMW Roundel


3.0 CSi1972 2260515MalagaUnited States of America7/24/2012
General History:   The coupe, Italian delivery, was bought from the original owner and brought to Houston, Texas. It was originally Malaga color but was painted white (?) before I took possesion of it.

Modifications:   5 sp.conversion, LSD, 16" wheels, Pertronix Electronic Ignition, Euro 535 block 3.5, etc. (tasteful modifications to preserve the overall look and feel of the vehicle)

3.0 CSi1972 2260777BaikalUnited States of America8/27/2011
General History:   Driven in Portland OR 2004 on... Driven from FL to PA 1/25/99

Modifications:   Headers, slight cam, Nardi wheel and shiftnob, Scheel seats, Ronal wheels and slightly lowered, CLS airdam

3.0 CSi1972 2260809OtherUnited States of America4/11/2016
General History:   eBay 4/11/16, googoutgoogout is the seller using another of his aliases


3.0 CSi1972 2260817UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list

Modifications:   Alpina B2

3.0 CSi1972 2260866PolarisUnited States of America12/12/2009
General History:   This coupe was original delivered to Italy with a Polaris Metallic exterior and blue velour interior. The car was subsequently purchased and imported into the US by a physician living in Los Angeles, CA. It has been resprayed at least twice and current color is Baikal. The original owner gave ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5L, 5-speed, staggered Alpinas, Bilsteins, lowering springs, and Recaros.

3.0 CSi1972 2260893TundraUnited States of America9/29/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2260958TundraUnited States of America10/12/2012
General History:   Sold new in Italy, brought to US by serviveman, through some American owners, then bought from Hunting Ridge.

Modifications:   Alpina staggered wheels; Korman springs, sway bar, Bilstein HD, 5 speed conversion. Original Blaupunkt Frankfurt.

3.0 CSi1972 2260971InkaUnited States of America10/22/2010
General History:   Appears to have been an Italian delivery car, imported to the US sometime in the 80s. Was purchased from Indiana in 2010 and fully restored and updated in San Francisco, CA.

Modifications:   S38 M5 Engine, Coupeking Sway Bars, HRE Custom Wheels, Custom Exhaust, Fuel Cell, 'Scheel'-type seats from GTS Classics and a renovated interior, Split Second Injector

3.0 CSi1972 2260983BaikalUnited States of America6/21/2012
General History:   Delivered to Italy Shipped to California in 1984 Moved to North Carolina in 2001 Just purchased in 2012 and restoration getting underway.

Modifications:   Five Speed Manual Transmission

3.0 CSi1972 2261102MalagaUnited States of America6/30/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261118BaikalUnited States of America1/31/2016
General History:   Delivered on January 14, 1972 to importer BMW Italia in Palazzolo/Verona. She now lives in Seattle, Washington.

Modifications:   None

3.0 CSi1972 2261155PolarisUnited States of America1/23/2010
General History:   Car was delivered to Italy in 1972. Car has electric front windows. No US DOT marker lghts added when imported. True Euro car. Undergoing full restoration.

Modifications:   Blue vinyl seats replace trashed velour seats. 3.5L engine conversion contemplated.

3.0 CSi1972 2261169UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list


3.0 CSi1972 2261181MalagaBrazil4/18/2014
General History:   3 owner car; mostly garaged. Delivered to dealer in Brazil late 1972.

Modifications:   Original car

3.0 CSi1972 2261184PolarisSpain3/4/2014
General History:   In our home since 23/11/1976


3.0 CSi1972 2261213UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list


3.0 CSi1972 2261242UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list


3.0 CSi1972 2261247VeronaMonaco8/24/2013
General History:   First registered in Switzerland, then went to Holland, then Ireland. Full restoration completed in 2013


3.0 CSi1972 2261258PolarisUnited States of America10/10/2016
General History:  

Modifications:   s38 m5 engine installed and complete restoration

3.0 CSi1972 2261303NachtblauUnited States of America5/6/2013
General History:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400482178663&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:3160#ht_98196wt_1186


3.0 CSi1972 2261318TürkisItaly1/17/2011
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261339Jade GreenUnited States of America11/23/2014
General History:   This is a 4 speed sunroof car, and I believe I am the 4th owner. It was originally green but repainted red. It requires a full body restoration

Modifications:   none

3.0 CSi1972 2261344BaikalUnited States of America9/16/2011
General History:   bought from guy who imported it from italy

Modifications:   la jolla suppension, front air dam

3.0 CSi1972 2261350NachtblauUnited States of America1/9/2011
General History:   72 3.0 CSI Euro car, 4 spd, low miles, black interior, totaly complete and original, Texas car from the Austin TX area. Now located in the Dallas area. When I purchased car it had all is original paint and no major body damange and only minor rust that has now been repair. The engine compartment, ...[more]

Modifications:   None

3.0 CSi1972 2261376BaikalGermany3/3/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261414PolarisUnited States of America11/14/2010
General History:   imported in from europe, was an east coast car. car completely misrepresented with mant issues and mechanical issues. Parts now

Modifications:   3.5 m30, 5 spd

3.0 CSi1972 2261501FjordblauUnited States of America4/14/2011
General History:   I believe this car came originally from Ohio. Prior to my purchase it was living in Oregon. It has been in California now for nearly two years.

Modifications:   Alpina wheels, Alpina steering wheel, Alpina shifter knob, Bilsteins, Carl Nelson springs, many NOS mechanical replacements, leather replacement on front seats.

3.0 CSi1972 2261528PolarisUnited States of America2/28/2011
General History:   good motor, body is decent. about to put an M5 engine in and repaint/re leather etc.

Modifications:   working on restoration currently

3.0 CSi1972 2261536FjordblauUnited States of America4/13/2012
General History:   It's still sitting covered in the garage.... My husband has dementia and will never drive it again. I don't drive a stick shift. A couple of years ago we left it with the BMW dealership in Charlotte, NC, as the air conditioning didn't work. They had the car for 5 months, but never solved the ...[more]


3.0 CSi1972 2261582TundraLatvia9/2/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261609UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list


3.0 CSi1972 2261615AtlantisblauGermany5/24/2016
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261641FjordblauUnited States of America1/13/2011
General History:   Build Date: 02/10/1972 Delivery date: 02/24/1972 (Italy) Imported to Boston in 1985 Final disposition: Crushed 2010

Modifications:   None

3.0 CSi1972 2261648UnknownGermany12/24/2012
General History:   from German CS club list


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