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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2800 CS1968 2200227NachtblauGermany11/7/2015
General History:   The First cabrio , build in 1968/69 , first owner delivered to Spain . Unknown till 2015 ! Founded in good shape . With the original old papers!

Modifications:   This car changed in 1969 into a Cabrio by Carl deutsch cologne .

2800 CS1968 2200069AlpinweissBelgium3/3/2015
General History:  


2800 CS1968 2200127ChamonixNetherlands2/16/2014
General History:   original 4th owner Oldest driven CS E9 world wide First delivered E9 in the Netherlands by Alimpo Ned.

Modifications:   none restored original matching numbers

2800 CS1968 2203032TürkisUnited States of America5/31/2013
General History:   seen on ebay 5/31/13


2800 CS1968 2201757ChamonixSweden12/24/2012
General History:  


2800 CS1968 2200014NachtblauBelgium2/1/2012
General History:   Baught at auction in 2012. Last driven in 1984. Last owner has done quick paintjob before sale. Known rust areas have been welded with new parts. Info through BMW Classic: made and delivered in december 1968. Original color polaris 060.


2800 CS1968 2220464AlpinweissUnited States of America2/27/2011
General History:   n. ca. car unrestored

Modifications:   none

2800 CS1968 2202156OtherRomania11/3/2010
General History:   The BMW 2800 CS VIN 2202156 was manufactured on September 30th, 1969 and delivered on October 8th, 1969 to the BMW internal car part. Later it was delivered to Romania. The original colour was Polaris metallic, paint code 060.

Modifications:   final exhaust with 2 tips.repositioned.in the middle no longer 18 inch wheels...interior restored,.

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