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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2000 CS1967 1107543PolarisUnited States of America1/27/2017
General History:   Spent most of it's life on the west coast USA....Imported in the early 80's from Germany

Modifications:   Custom Coil Over Suspension, S14 M3 engine, 5SPD, 16X7 Alpins wheels, Recaro seats, and and and

2000 CS1967 1103621GranadaNorway12/18/2016
General History:  


2000 CS1966 1100548GranadaNorway12/18/2016
General History:  


2000 CS1967 1107357GranadaUnited States of America11/11/2016
General History:   Archives shows delivery to dealer, Kurt Will oHG in Worms (Germany). POs in Berkley area restored car in '87-'89. Car went to Albuquerque, NM. Repainted once while in NM. Reportedly, rarely driven while in NM. Paint and interior are worn from the being parked outside in the desert sun. Running ...[more]

Modifications:   Stock

2000 CS1968 1108240NachtblauUnited States of America7/20/2016
General History:   3rd owner. Purchased from owner #2 in Hawaii

Modifications:   Weber carbs

2000 CS1967 1104565AlpinweissUnited States of America2/29/2016
General History:  


2000 CS1966 1132957AtlantisblauRomania2/2/2016
General History:  


2000 CS1967 1101097BristolUnited States of America11/3/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   stock

2000 CS1967 1105417BristolFrance7/21/2015
General History:   Cette voiture était exposée sur le stand BMW du Mondial de l'Automobile de Paris 1967, elle avait été commandée le 24 avril 1967 pour la somme de 29800 Francs. L'auto a été ensuite livrée le 16 novembre 1967 à son propriétaire, après son exposition sur le salon de Paris. C'est en 2002 que je l'ai ...[more]

Modifications:   Ligne d'échappement en inox

2000 CS1967 1106706ChamonixSouth Africa7/17/2015
General History:   Car was originally White, Repainted a Burgundy Colour. Then Silver. I want to restore it back to White. Original wheels have been replaced with aftermarket mags.

Modifications:   Twin Weber Carbs, Electric Windows, Electric Sunroof, LHD

2000 CS1968 1108807FjordblauUnited States of America3/13/2015
General History:   Sold at Bonhams Amelia Island auction 3/12/15 for $63,800 including premium!


2000 CS1967 1100158ChamonixUnited States of America1/9/2015
General History:   For Sale on eBay 1/09/15 from a seller with a poor reputation, asking $26,000!


2000 CS1968 1109140UnknownIran9/26/2014
General History:   In the documents is written " Royal Court of Iran"


2000 CS1966 1101093GranadaUnited States of America5/13/2014
General History:   Log book back to 1995... could have been raced earlier?

Modifications:   Vintage B Sedan Race Car

2000 CS1967 1104585AtlantisblauUnited States of America2/28/2014
General History:   Been in storage

Modifications:   none

2000 CS1967 1104916ChamonixUnited States of America11/28/2013
General History:  

Modifications:   2 x weber carburetor

2000 CS1968 1104664ChamonixUnited States of America10/20/2013
General History:   The car was delivered on September 27, 1967 to the BMW dealer Riemer & Oberst in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. The car spent the 1980's for sure in Southern CA and ended up in AZ in 1988 parked and untouched until I bought it in 2011.

Modifications:   No mods. It does have Italian Weber 45 DCOE carbs which are vintage to the car. They appear to have been a dealer install, stock air box.

2000 CS1969 1109182ChamonixJapan8/21/2013
General History:   I had owned for eight years the 2000C (A / T) about 30 years ago. I'm glad to be able to own again 2000CS.


2000 CS1967 1000555SchwarzUnited States of America6/7/2013
General History:  


2000 CS1967 1100694UnknownUnited States of America2/22/2013
General History:   purchased from a car dealer in las vegas, last titled in mississippi , missing slave cylinder, has stock dual solex carbs, engine runs as february 21, 2013 everything looks stock

Modifications:   none

2000 CS1968 1101846ChamonixUnited Arab Erimates2/20/2013
General History:   Car is located in Dubai - UAE


2000 CS1966 1103753PolarisPortugal6/29/2012
General History:   This car was manufactured at 6th October of 1966 and delivered on March 6th, 1968 to the BMW importer Auto-Comercial in Luanda (Angola).

Modifications:   No modifications

2000 CS1967 1101159ChamonixUnited States of America4/28/2012
General History:   Bought in Califirnia shipped to New York State, Started restoration.

Modifications:   45 DCOE twin Weders

2000 CS1966 BMW2000CSChamonixHungary4/13/2012
General History:  


2000 CS1969 1109502PolarisItaly12/9/2011
General History:   Body N° 1109502


2000 CS1966 1102099ChamonixUnited States of America9/28/2011
General History:   Found in a barn , lady said "take it if you want " the car was last running in 1981 the car is in prime needs paint and engine rebuild interior clean and complete


2000 CS1967 1106201ChamonixAustralia9/2/2011
General History:   The BMW 2000 CS VIN 1106201 was manufactured on February 6th, 1967 and delivered on April 24th, 1968 to the BBMW importer Euro-Republic-Automobile Distributors in Pretoria (South Africa). The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085.


2000 CS1967 1100893ChamonixUnited States of America8/6/2011
General History:  


2000 CS1967 1106355AtlantisblauUnited States of America5/16/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   Painted Polaris several years ago.

2000 CS1966 1103830AlpinweissUraguay2/27/2011
General History:   The car was bought by my grandfather in 1969, new from a local dealer, Uruguay, South America. He raced with it, in tracks and several rallys until 1974. Then the car have been used in a normal way. It is completely restorated by me since 1995.

Modifications:   2002 5 speed gearbox. Weber carburetors 40 mm. New exhaust folder. Electonical ignition. Front and rear sway bars.

2000 CS1967 11063312NachtblauUnited States of America2/9/2011
General History:  


2000 CS1967 110553VeronaUnited States of America2/2/2011
General History:   Purchased last year as a project. It appears to be pretty complete.

Modifications:   Will have efi M10 and 5 speed.

2000 CS1967 11045187GranadaUnited States of America1/21/2011
General History:   Car was imported into the US in December 1966 by Hoffman Motors (per BMW Archives). Sold in Los Angeles area. I bought it in December 2010 and am the 5th owner, I believe. Car is unmodified, unrestored, and in relatively good condition although many signs of age.

Modifications:   Dual Weber carbs. Everything else is stock, pretty much.

2000 CS1966 1102296AlpinweissUnited States of America10/11/2010
General History:   Car was purchased new in Germany. I am 3rd owner.

Modifications:   Undergoing a full, show restoration. Changed to Weber carbs.

2000 CS1967 1101092GranadaUnited States of America10/11/2010
General History:   According to BMW archives:The BMW 2000 CS VIN 1101092 was manufactured on May 25th, 1966 and delivered on May 26th, 1966 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Granada, paint code 023. Early repair invoices I have for the car indicate the car was ...[more]

Modifications:   Autoflug seatbelts from a later model sedan.

2000 CS1967 1101091GranadaUnited States of America10/7/2010
General History:   I am third known owner, probably others prior to me as at one point it had a orange/white two tone paint job. Purchased in NY, has lived in LA for 20 years, including serving as my daily driver for much of the '90s. Currently the only resident of a three car garage.

Modifications:   None; my goal has always been to keep it bone stock, including stock tire size.

2000 CS1966 1104875Anthrazit-GrauUnited States of America10/6/2010
General History:   rust free, purchased from collector

Modifications:   stock

2000 CS1969 1003044ChamonixDenmark8/16/2010
General History:   Well. The car was first purchased on july 1. 1969 by a guy who only had it for 2 years before he passed it along. The next guy on the other hand, bought the car in 1971. And kept it for 35 years before he, the now elderly gentleman, finally parted with it in 2006. In the years of his ownership ...[more]

Modifications:   None other than converting from CA to CS... Exept maybe a subtle lowering.

2000 CS1967 1100030AlpinweissUnited States of America6/19/2010
General History:   Bought in year 2000 after flying to check out car in Spokane Washington. Drove 1,000 miles south to Mountain View California. Drove for 3 years, and overheated head. Pulled head and found that the pistons were not the high compression CS pistons, Engine is not original, but is a 68 block. I ...[more]

Modifications:   rebuilt engine, e21 5 speed 245, battery in rear trunk

2000 CS1966 1102422AlpinweissSweden4/4/2010
General History:   Rebuilt 1995 by a previous owner. In very good rust free condition.

Modifications:   5 speed gearbox from BMW E21, Leather upholstery, Electronic speedometer, Weber carburettors, Wooden steering wheel, Black head liner, Electrical fuel pump, Electrical fan for the cooling system, Central looking, Remote electrical luggage compartment opener, Windscreen ...[more]

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