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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CS1975 4320649PolarisUraguay7/10/2014
General History:   First purchased in Sweden .Then arrived to Hungary in 2008.Finally in Uruguay in 2014 Three owners traced

Modifications:   none

3.0 CS1973 2250503SchwarzUnited States of America3/21/2011


3.0 CS1972 2250315MalagaUnited States of America1/2/2011
General History:   original owner traded in at Sears BMW (not associated with big box store) in Minneapolis in 1985. Dealer employee bought the car and stored it until 2005 when I bought it. 2006 it went to resto and was finished 12/30/2010

Modifications:   Restored. Converted to 3.5 from '89 e24, now 5 speed - all wood and leather redone.

3.0 CS1972 2250116TürkisUnited States of America1/5/2011
General History:   Originally Malaga, repainted in 80's to Tundra Green. Engine rebuilt in 1980's. Originally California car, sold in Idaho in 2004, NC in 2010.

Modifications:   Weber 32/36 conversion, Getrag 265 5 Speed, Lowered, Lightened Flywheel, Electronic Ignition, Larger Radiator, 9 Blade Fan

3.0 CS1974 4310083PolarisUnited States of America1/5/2011
General History:   I am the second owner. Previous owner completed paint/body restoration. Otherwise - OE.

Modifications:   N/A

3.0 CS1974 4310065ChamonixUnited States of America1/10/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   3.5 635 engine, Webers, electronic ignition

3.0 CS1973 2240888PolarisUnited States of America1/21/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   Stahl Headers, Lowering Springs

3.0 CS1974 4335067ChamonixUnited States of America2/6/2011
General History:   Apparently always a California vehicle; last owner had it in San Diego since 2002; been maintained by LaJolla Independent, Chris Keefer and Carl Nelson since then. Shipped to current home Tampa, FL 2/2011 and now a daily driver.

Modifications:   3.5 Engine from a 1992 735 series; sway bars, Lucas injectors,front and rear springs mod, reverse camber plate all done by Carl Nelson.

3.0 CS1972 2240073BaikalUnited States of America2/9/2011
General History:   his car was built to American specifications on July 29, 1971 and delivered to the BMW importer Vahabzadegan Corp in Teheran on Sept. 28. The first owner imported it to Los Angeles sometime before June 1975, when I bought it from him. Price was $9000 (a bit more than it had cost new), mileage was ...[more]

Modifications:   Weber carbs

3.0 CS1974 4335423PolarisUnited States of America2/12/2011
General History:   I have had this vehicle since 1983. I purchased it from an individual in Beverly Hills. I believe I'm the third owner. It was pretty much original except Hardy Beck wheels, and Weber Carbs. Still working on it. Recent Coupeking engine rebuild, lowering springs and interior refresh. Its back ...[more]


3.0 CS1974 4310381FjordblauUnited States of America4/8/2013
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2213948OtherUnited States of America2/16/2011
General History:   one owner car, white, stored for 23 years, 17000 total mls driven,

Modifications:   3.5 D-Jet, 8x16s Remotec, Frontspoiler, Carl Nelson springs

3.0 CS1973 2240803BaikalUnited States of America11/8/2010
General History:   California car sold through Ocean View Motors in Santa Monica. Repainted about 1985. Daily driver from 1990 to 1995, then garaged and on hiatus while raising kids. Brought out and rejuvenating since 2008. Enjoying the experience.

Modifications:   Fully functional and stock except for the 15" Epsilon wheels and Nardi Steering wheel.

3.0 CS1974 4335116BaikalUnited States of America4/7/2011
General History:   3rd owner in 1983 previous owner(s) had change color from baikal blue to anthracite grey and was peeling, upholstery was tearing up

Modifications:   newer head with rings and bearings job in 1983 added webers in late 80s complete cosmetic restoration and return color to factory baikal w/ all new chrome trimmings and rubber 1992 plus new wood and seat upholstery replace complete front end, bushings, steering, shocks and rear bushings ...[more]

3.0 CS1973 2240717CeylongoldUnited States of America4/19/2011
General History:   3rd owner car. Spent life in Bakersfield, CA and Sonoma, CA until 2011. Car was featured in Bimmer magazine following restoration and cross country rally. Transmission replaced with factory rebuilt four speed. Original engine. Carbs replaced with Holleys, though original are still with the car.

Modifications:   none

3.0 CS1972 2240229PolarisUnited States of America4/28/2011
General History:   Purchased new in California. Bought from second owner (in his '80s) this week. My third coupe - the first one yet that I can drive! Kind of rare 4speed/ sunroof/ A/C combination.

Modifications:   Recent blue leather seats, 16" Alpinas, 3:45 LSD Wood Nardi Steering wheel, Stahl headers, new OEM(!) muffler, Bilstein HD's, Carl Nelson springs, new brake calipers/rotors/wheel bearings.

3.0 CS1972 2240044MalagaUnited States of America5/5/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   recaro seats(leather)

3.0 CS1973 2240891Polaris NeuUnited States of America5/6/2011
General History:   Second owner, Virginia car, pretty much original except new front fenders and new paint 1993, new front leather, new windshield, rebuilt 4-speed (Kormann).Can use another paint job, window motor overhaul, and interior (mainly wood) resto (in the works). Garaged and driven only in good weather, ...[more]

Modifications:   webers, triple core radiator, 15" BBS wheels, Kormann springs, 9 blade fan, electronic ignition

3.0 CS1973 2250592ChamonixUnited States of America5/10/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2250279FjordblauUnited States of America5/19/2011
General History:   All original Calif Car with no rust... Factory Sunroof.

Modifications:   All original Calif Car with no rust... Factory Sunroof.

3.0 CS1974 4335384NachtblauUnited States of America2/14/2011
General History:   Owned since I was in High school still one of the youngest owners in California I think.

Modifications:   Progressive weber carbs, Nardi steering wheel, slightly updated radio.

3.0 CS1973 2240456ChamonixUnited States of America11/15/2010
General History:   Oct 85 3.0L engine replaced with 3.3L unit. Mar 99 Interior redone. Oct 99 conv to Fuel Injection at 34K miles. Nov 00 5 speed conversion Metric Mechanic Trans installed at 39K miles, Jun 04 Motor rebuilt by T-Zero Auto and a Autronic EMS sys added around 45K miles (updated to Megasquirt Dec16) ...[more]

Modifications:   3.3L L-Jetronic Fuel Injection 5 speed Metric Mechanic Transmission 3.63 Limited Slip Diff Megasquirt

3.0 CS1972 2250013PolarisUnited States of America10/7/2010
General History:   My dad bought it new from Ocean Motors in Santa Monica, CA. Been in the family ever since: Dad, then Mom, then me. I've been driving it daily since 1996.


3.0 CS1971 2210093NachtblauUnited States of America10/8/2010
General History:   Imported from southern Italy -Restored in 1990 & Restored again in 2014


3.0 CS1973 2240777CeylongoldUnited States of America10/11/2010
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4335169Polaris NeuUnited States of America10/12/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   Exterior: Rust addressed, new paint, new glass, restored Alpinas, bumper conversion, H4s Mechanicals: 5sp conversion, stainless break lines, rebuilt Webbers, re-cored radiator, new heater core, AC, power steering, starter... Interior: Dynamat sound and thermal proofing, new dash, wood, ...[more]

3.0 CS1973 2250711FjordblauUnited States of America10/12/2010
General History:   Original condition - very good. No rust, and well cared for by original owner for almost its whole life in NC. Purchased a few years ago, and driven only on dry winter days in Florida

Modifications:   Nardi Wheel; Pertronix

3.0 CS1973 2213856GolfUnited States of America10/18/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2240433PolarisUnited States of America10/14/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   3.3 liter, 5 speed, weber down draft carbs

3.0 CS1973 2250607SchwarzUnited States of America12/21/2010
General History:   Converted from an automatic, 3rd owner

Modifications:   5-speed, schrick cam and performance headers, three 30mm weber sidedrafts, optical ignition, lowered suspension, super sport exhaust, 305 degree cam, headers, holly fuel filter and electric fuel pump

3.0 CS1973 2250550NachtblauUnited States of America10/23/2010
General History:   3-Owner California car with engine/gearbox modifications done by Carl Nelson.

Modifications:   3.5L, 5-Speed OD, 38/38 Webers, 16" Alpina's, Shaved Side Markers, 3.45LSD. 3 Owner California car. Soon to have fresh repaint/cosmetic restoration.

3.0 CS1974 4335449Jade GreenUnited States of America12/12/2010
General History:   One of the very last cars to be produced and imported for the US.One of only a very few that were originally produced in stunning # 078 Jadegrun with Ferrari "Saddle" Leather.This is a 1975 BMW color and the CS's were never imported in 1975.Roundel Cover car in 1992 and in a few other books.Owned ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5 Euro Spec. Engine.L Jetronic injected with 5 Speed O/D Transmission.16 inch Polished and Painted Staggered Alpina Wheels.Recaro Front seats with Full Leather.Really nice sound system.

3.0 CS1973 2240736OtherUnited States of America10/23/2010
General History:  


3.0 CS1972 2250121BaikalUnited States of America10/26/2010
General History:   Imported to Canada in 1972. History between 1972 and 2001 unknown, supposedly purchased in AZ in 2001 by my seller. Stored in garage since. Purchased for restoration in August 2010

Modifications:   Restoration completed May 2011 by The Werk Shop in Lake Bluff, IL. Mostly purist- retained original build specs, materials and parts where appropriate. Block VIN matches chassis. Rebuilt engine, slightly modified to bump HP. New suspension, mechanicals, electric and AC. Converted from auto to 5 ...[more]

3.0 CS1972 2240133AgaveUnited States of America10/29/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   5 spd, suspension, 3.5l maf, 3.25 diff

3.0 CS1972 2250271VeronaUnited States of America11/1/2010
General History:   I aquired the car in 2009 and had CK begin a full restoration, which was completed during the summer of 2010. The car was originally owned by the comedian, George Carlin and later, the son of Adam West (Batman)

Modifications:   M90 L block, 86mm crank, CP Custom pistons, Motronic 1.3, Getrag 5 speed w\short shift, CK custom headers & stainless exhaust, Carl Nelson lowering springs w\Bilsteins, Ireland Engineering sway brace & 16" CK Alpinas

3.0 CS1972 2250123UnknownUnited States of America11/5/2010
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4335429VeronaUnited States of America11/7/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   '84 3.3 engine, 5sp manual trans.

3.0 CS1973 2250659FjordblauUnited States of America11/8/2010
General History:   90% Restored.


3.0 CS1972 2240242FjordblauUnited States of America5/30/2011
General History:  


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