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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CS1971 2210499AtlantikSweden10/15/2010
General History:   Originally sold in Italy acc to Mobile tradition. No known central European history. Imported to Sweden 1984. A handfull of owners since then. Mine since 1999. Unfortunately outdoor storage for 6 years. Cold dry storage since 2009. Bad interior. Matching numbers in storage but converted to 3.5 ...[more]

Modifications:   M30 3.5

3.0 CS1972 2240061AtlantikUnited States of America4/22/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1971 2210213AtlantikHungary9/16/2013
General History:   Italian registered between 1971 - 2013

Modifications:   None

3.0 CS1973 2250660BaikalUnited States of America5/20/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2266410BaikalUnited States of America1/6/2017
General History:   chassis is a bit tired

Modifications:   s54 265 307 lsd Tighe Productions coil over kit

3.0 CS1972 2240081BaikalUnited States of America4/29/2014
General History:   known-1987 3rd owner purchased/Phoenix, AZ with 141,636mi. with recent engine rebuild. Gearbox rebuild at 160,350. Remove rocker rust and paint below chrome "belt line"-165,970. Arizona, SoCal, Oregon car.


3.0 CS1972 2240295BaikalUnited States of America10/31/2013
General History:   Has been owned by some New Englanders and now I own it looking to see if it can find a proper individual to restore it to its original glory.

Modifications:   Received fresh Paint job from previous owner. No longer Baikal now "Valencia".

3.0 CS1973 2250464ChamonixUnited States of America10/31/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   In period aftermarket steel sunroof.

3.0 CS1974 4335007FjordblauCanada10/12/2011
General History:   First registration 02/1974 in Vancouver, Canada. My father, who was a mechanic in Vancouver's premier BMW dealership was the 4th owner and restored it to its original beauty. He passed away in 1991 and the car passed on to me. It's been in storage for most of that time since.


3.0 CS1974 4335408FjordblauUnited States of America12/26/2016
General History:   I used this car as my daily driver for 4 years from '02 to '06 when I bought a Z-71 Suburban and started driving it. I put the coupe in my brothers hangar at a private airport where it still sits today. Thought I might restore it someday.


3.0 CS1972 2240382FjordblauUnited States of America7/11/2013
General History:   Canadian car originally


3.0 CS1972 2212828FjordblauUnited States of America10/21/2010
General History:   German market car. Underwent restoration by BMW in early 80s, imported to US shortly thereafter. Changed hands at least two more times before I got it. Last previous owner blew the motor, hence my upgrades.

Modifications:   M30B35, Motronic 1.3, Getrag 265OD, 3.45 LSD, UUC SSK, Pioneer AVIC Z-1

3.0 CS1973 2240731FjordblauUnited States of America8/6/2014
General History:  


3.0 CS1972 2232423FjordblauUnited States of America2/23/2014
General History:   A euro csa found in San Clemente, CA.The engine is missing and the car has been parked for several years. Car is registered as a '74. It has been in CA since at least 1990

Modifications:   .

3.0 CS1974 4310330GranatrotUnited States of America6/6/2015
General History:   Ca car, then Texas, then back to Ca.

Modifications:   5 speed, Webers, Momo, alpine wheels.

3.0 CS1975 4300361NachtblauNetherlands2/13/2011
General History:   the car was first registered in Germany. I bought it from a cardealer in 1999. Back then it was still FjordBlue and it had, Tan leather, sunroof, 14" imitation alpina rims with 205/70 tires on it. The car did not have matching numbers when i bought it. It was probably replaced by the previous ...[more]

Modifications:   braided steel re-enforced brakelines, it also got Bilstein shocks , Jaymic sportssprings and a genuine set of Alpina 16"rims. sparco deepdish sports steeringwheel. 2x sparco bucket seats 2x 4-point Sabelt racing harness. Pending: M106 engine swap, dogleg 5-sp gbox engine management: ...[more]

3.0 CS1973 2232164NachtblauUnited States of America3/6/2014
General History:   Observed in storage at Glass Auto Repair; Oak Lawn Ave. in Dallas, TX


3.0 CS1973 2240695NachtblauUnited States of America1/16/2011
General History:   Purchased from an Accountant in Beverly Hills, Ca in 1986. I'm the 4th Owner. Lots of exterior parts were missing. One brake disk (rear) has a chip on it. one rear power window needs regulator. I have not installed. Tool tray is shattered and removed. Car in storage since 1993. Will run but needs ...[more]

Modifications:   None

3.0 CS1974 4310051OtherUnited States of America3/13/2012
General History:   I bought this car in Illinois. Have had it mostly stored but have put about 15,000 miles on it. New carbs. Needs exhaust work. Paint job. one split in front seat seam. Black interior, red exterior.

Modifications:   Much work done- available upon request Good records. Some rust under spare tire

3.0 CS1972 2250248OtherUnited States of America8/27/2016
General History:   Original California Vehicle. Original German Export License Plate. Automatic Transmission.


3.0 CS1972 2232555OtherNetherlands5/18/2013
General History:   Last owner had it since the eighties, it has been in storage since and was driven very little, I bought it in 2013. Currently I am working on it to get it on the road again.

Modifications:   Has an injection engine, is converted to a 3.0 CSI, still has an automatic gearbox.

3.0 CS1972 2240012OtherCanada5/22/2014
General History:  

Modifications:   5spd upgrade

3.0 CS1973 2240586OtherUnited States of America3/7/2013
General History:   I am the second owner. My friend's Father purchased the car new in 1973. US spec 3.0CS. I purchased from my friend in November of 2012. Always garaged and in excellent condition. Always maintained by Hard & Beck in Berkeley Ca., small amount of rust taken care of by Hardy and Beck.

Modifications:   H&B ALPINA Wheels replaced with BBS e50 wheels, Lapis blue paint, front H&B (alpina air dam), H&B Installed ALPINA intake with Triple solex, taken off and replaced with dual weber downdraft,(Alpina)Springs & sway bars, rear differential with cooler..

3.0 CS1972 2250113OtherCanada5/22/2014
General History:  

Modifications:   stock

3.0 CS1972 2240334PolarisUnited States of America12/6/2009
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 2265989PolarisUnited States of America6/13/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   recaros, alpinas. carls springs

3.0 CS1972 2230160PolarisCanada5/29/2010
General History:   Right Hand Drive Automatic that came from England to Canada quite awhile back. Originally Polaris, it was painted red some time ago.


3.0 CS1973 2240633PolarisCanada5/29/2010
General History:   Originally an Agave, now is Silver. I happened to visit roadfly.com one day to see this for sale nearby. I knew most E9's in the province, but not this one. I essentially bought it site unseen. Upon picking it up (and driving it away), I found out he had a CSi as well (but not for sale). It ...[more]


3.0 CS1972 2240240PolarisUnited States of America11/9/2012
General History:   US car, 2nd owner

Modifications:   45 DCOE Webers, Headers, 16 Forged BBS wheels, 5 sped trans and much more

3.0 CS1975 4320777PolarisSwitzerland11/4/2009
General History:   Productiondate: October 28,1975

Modifications:   Alpina 7x16 et 11 (205/55 ZR16), Alpina 8x16 et 24 (225/50 ZR16), Bilstein/Eibach

3.0 CS1972 2210122PolarisUnited States of America4/17/2013
General History:   Bought from second owner

Modifications:   Non, completely stock including the tires which I must replace before attempting to free the frozen engine

3.0 CS1972 2212423PolarisSwitzerland6/19/2013
General History:   Built February 4th, 1972 and delivered to Swiss importer Motag on February 18th. Bought as a parts car in the early 90s and stored since.

Modifications:   Color change to Chamonix

3.0 CS1974 4310218PolarisUnited States of America10/13/2013
General History:   I am second owner bought it with 21,000 miles i've owned it for 36 years

Modifications:   None

3.0 CS1974 4310058PolarisUnited States of America11/1/2015
General History:   Many years of meticulous serviing followed by a decade of neglect

Modifications:   http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-3-0cs/ Nov 2015

3.0 CS1973 2250449PolarisIceland1/18/2013
General History:   Awaiting restoration, amassing parts...


3.0 CS1972 223050SchwarzUnited States of America10/8/2010
General History:   Purchased from 1st owner in 2010 original black over black cs

Modifications:   N/A

3.0 CS1973 2240723SchwarzUnited States of America12/10/2015
General History:   History unknown, but the investigation is thrilling. Currently gathering data in preparation for a proper restoration. Although the short term plan will likely be to drive the car this summer and enjoy thoroughly.

Modifications:   3.5 liter engine (M30B34), triple weber carbs, header, Getrag 265 5-speed manual transmission.

3.0 CS1973 2232790SienabraunNetherlands11/23/2009
General History:  


3.0 CS1972 2260778TundraUnited States of America9/27/2013
General History:   Purchased in Germany shipped to the US in '84 owned since that time. Used as a weekend driver, stored.

Modifications:   INJECTION SYSTEM

3.0 CS1971 2210079TundraCzech Republic12/24/2009
General History:   The car was exported to Italy. Now, it is waiting for complete restoration.


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