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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2800 CS1969 2200093ChamonixUnited States of America5/30/2012
General History:   Oldest racing car known. Restored in 2007.


2800 CS1970 2280224NachtblauUnited States of America1/17/2017
General History:  

Modifications:   Stripped by previous owners in San Jose, CA and Senatobia, MS. Many modifications for racing including: tube frame/cage, fiberglass tilt front end, 3.0CS rear subframe/brakes, inboard rear brakes, etc. Color TBD.

2800 CS1969 2200707OtherFrance5/9/2011
General History:   Well kno since its conversion from white road car to race car in 1969.

Modifications:   The BMW 2800 CS we are happy to offer for sale is a genuine Group 2 car used in the Italian touring car championship from 1969 to 1971. It was very successful in the hands of Italian driver Giuseppe Tarpani, taking 3rd overall place in the 1970 Championship in the 3000cc class. Developping 280 ...[more]


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