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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2000 C1968 1002945SaharaAustralia7/22/2015
General History:   Long term South Australian car purchased May 1998 and moved to country Victoria

Modifications:   Nil modifications

2000 C1968 1100712PolarisUnited States of America11/13/2009
General History:   Car is a 1966 model. Was in Washington DC area for a long time. Too rusty to save. Parted out 5/05.

Modifications:   Chromodora 6x14 wheels. Uninstalled 74 2002tii engine and 5 speed transmission.

2000 C1968 1002655ChamonixDenmark1/27/2015
General History:   Imported from Sweeden in 2014. Completely original.


2000 C1968 1000403ChamonixUnited States of America1/31/2014
General History:   Originally owned by academy award winner ellen burstyn. Believed to be a two owner. In storage from about 1990 until present 2014. Has had an easy life.

Modifications:   None as of yet


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