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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CS1972 2250136Verona RedUnited States of America10/26/2009
General History:   Manufactured on April 24th, 1972 and delivered on June 14th, 1972 to the importer BMW Concessionaires G.B. Ltd. in London. The original color was Verona, paintcode 024. Unclear why a US spec car was delivered in London. First US owner seemed to have both enjoyed driving the coupe as well as ...[more]

Modifications:   5 speed conversion, Bilsteins

3.0 CS1973 2240750VeronaUnited States of America5/28/2013
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261247VeronaMonaco8/24/2013
General History:   First registered in Switzerland, then went to Holland, then Ireland. Full restoration completed in 2013


3.0 CSL1974 2285402VeronaUnited Kingdom1/3/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2240749VeronaUnited States of America6/9/2011
General History:   All I know is that it spent much of its life in rust-free Texas (hallelujah!) and some of its time in pieces in Philadelphia (less attractive). Now living a soft life in Bucks County, PA.

Modifications:   Remarkably original car. Drivetrain as delivered by the factory.

3.0 CS1973 2250401VeronaUnited States of America5/11/2011
General History:   1/27/2014 at Autobahn Dismantlers San Diego


3.0 CSL1972 2275015VeronaUnited States of America5/9/2011
General History:   Manufactured on November 2nd, 1972 and delivered on November 20th, 1972 to Italy. The original colour was Verona, paint code 024. The car was equipped with the so called Städtepaket (city package).

Modifications:   None

2000 CS1967 110553VeronaUnited States of America2/2/2011
General History:   Purchased last year as a project. It appears to be pretty complete.

Modifications:   Will have efi M10 and 5 speed.

3.0 CS1973 2240826VeronaUnited States of America4/22/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4335259VeronaUnited States of America10/4/2011
General History:   Don Crevier was the original owner and I am the 3rd owner. The car has only been driven a few times a year for the last 12 years and now I want to drive it as my daily car

Modifications:   Starting a rebuild to a 1991 535 fully rebuilt block with 5 speed manual and Motronix fuel injection system

3.0 CSL1972 2285034VeronaNew Zealand3/25/2011
General History:   Early City Pack. 4? UK owners. Off road for 16 years from 88. Sympathetic resto 2011, sold 2012 present owner.Driven and hopefully improved regularly!

Modifications:   lightweight LHD bumper, Bat airdam

3.0 CS1974 4335114VeronaCanada3/17/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4320305VeronaGermany3/14/2011
General History:   Car has been manufactured 25.07.1974 and delivered 04.10.1974 to the reseller. Original color Polaris metallic, color code 060.

Modifications:   Current color has been changed to verona,

3.0 CSi1971 2260399VeronaSweden3/8/2011
General History:   Was Chamonix when new. Restored in the 90s with colour change

Modifications:   Will get the 5-speed OD box with 3.45 LSD

3.0 CSi1975 E9VeronaSpain12/29/2011
General History:  


2800 CS1970 2280061VeronaUnited States of America4/22/2011
General History:   Bought car from woman doctor who had 2 coupes in Tx. Car was originally drk blue auto with right door ding. Driven as weather allows.

Modifications:   M90 engine-265 getrag-reapolstered interior-not headliner motronic 1.o new 3-row radiator- oil cooler- replaced rear window electeric motors, fender liners-volvo 242 type - re enforced rear shock towers and re enforced rear diff mount, moved battery to trunk-rebuilt windshield wiper motor and ...[more]

3.0 CS1972 2240233VeronaUnited States of America2/24/2012
General History:   Looks like it is from the northwestern US.

Modifications:   3.5 liter motor and 5 speed transmission

3.0 CSi1973 2265740VeronaAustralia6/23/2013
General History:   It was a UK sold vehicle. Car arrived in Melbourne Australia in early 80's. Car came with 90% service records and complete sales history. Previous owner purchased car from the importer in 2000. At the time the car was in showroom condition, having won a fe smaller shows. Unfortunately, the guy ...[more]

Modifications:   Alpina steering wheel

3.0 CSi1975 4340722VeronaDenmark6/21/2013
General History:  


3.0 CSL1973 2285458VeronaUnited Kingdom6/18/2013
General History:   Fully restored in 2010 to original specification. Only one owner from new.


3.0 CS1973 2240607VeronaUnited States of America5/24/2012
General History:   Seen in original CS Register mailing list, now for sale at Motorcar Studio, Atlanta March 2015, asking $36,900.


3.0 CS1974 2231954VeronaUnited Kingdom6/15/2013
General History:  


3.0 CSL1972 2285032VeronaSpain7/27/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4310081VeronaUnited States of America4/11/2012
General History:  

Modifications:   2008- 2010 in New Mexico: restored fog lamp function, install switch/wiring repaired turn signal function/wiring mounted 3rd brake lamp replaced wiper motor, relay, wiring replaced rocker pana; trims and sill plates replaced door and trunk seals replaced radiator and coolant ...[more]

3.0 CSL1972 2285457VeronaUnited Kingdom9/22/2011
General History:   original engine replaced with engine from csl 2285194 by some previous owner


3.0 CSi1973 4341191VeronaSpain2/5/2012
General History:   I bought this car near Barcelona. Was 10 years stopped. I repair it and now is in very good condition. Only 3 owners before me.

Modifications:   Not modifications

3.0 CSi1974 4340197VeronaUnited States of America4/28/2013
General History:   Imported from Germany in 1981, I am the second US owner. Repainted in original color.

Modifications:   N.a

3.0 CS1972 2213151VeronaDenmark10/13/2011
General History:   Restored

Modifications:   New 3.0 CSI engine and 5-speed ZF gearbox

3.0 CS1972 2250242VeronaUnited States of America10/10/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   5spd trans,528 rear.red is actually from 80's 3 series

3.0 CSL1972 2285286VeronaUnited Kingdom1/3/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1972 2240204VeronaUnited States of America7/20/2011
General History:   All original car that was sold new and repurched from the original owner.


3.0 CS1972 2240160VeronaUnited States of America4/18/2012
General History:   eBay 4/18/12 110864133722

Modifications:   Three owners, very original, sold for $14K

3.0 CSL1972 2275205VeronaUnited States of America12/18/2010
General History:   Shipped to USA from Germany. Aluminum body parts

Modifications:   none

3.0 CS1972 2230812VeronaUnited States of America11/7/2009
General History:   I purchased this car from the son of the original owner, who accomplished many of the modifications, including show-quality paint, refinished wood, and extensive performance enhancements for the engine. The car was living in Seattle. I made two trips there, one to inspect the car and negotiate ...[more]

Modifications:   Triple Dual-throat side draft Webers; conversion from automatic to 5-speed; new leather upholstery; rare Nardi thin-rim steering wheel; cruise control. Rear package-tray-mount A/C system soon to be installed.

3.0 CSL1972 2285124VeronaUnited Kingdom8/21/2011
General History:   has been off road for 17 years photos of restoration at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paint-Barn-Ltd/169025919960310?sk=photos_stream

Modifications:   car now undergoing bare shell restoration, started jan 2012. back to rolling chassis sept 2014, back on the road August 2015

3.0 CSi1975 4341284VeronaUnited States of America12/23/2010
General History:   First delivered in France (have Mobile Tradition info on it). Imported to Boulder, CO in 1982 by Art Krill (Bimmerwerks). Restored by Dan Koturov (1994-1998). Purchased by me in August 1998. Rear-ended and "totalled" in October 2002 (towed to salvage auction house ...) Apparently it was ...[more]

Modifications:   originally Nachtblau, repainted Verona

3.0 CSL1972 2285053VeronaUnited Kingdom12/7/2009
General History:   Had a major restoration in the early 1990's which included finishing by Jaymic (colour change from Taiga to Verona). Little used for 10 years until I purchased it in 2001.

Modifications:   Lumenition, 16" BBS RS, Bilsteins, W&N progressive springs, Ireland Engineering camber plates, anti rolls bars and bushes, W&N strut brace.

3.0 CSL1972 2285123VeronaUnited Kingdom11/28/2009
General History:   has been in storage since 1982 now having major restoration all sheet metal finished acid dipped and ecoated going to paint early 2010

Modifications:   none

3.0 CS1974 4310006VeronaUnited States of America12/19/2013
General History:   Said to have been purchased in Connecticut and quickly relocated to SoCal. Sold to 2nd owner. Fjord color changed to Malaga in early '80s respray / rust removal. Driven until early 2000's and parked in baking sun of inland OC. Sold to 3rd owner in Utah. Purchase made a bit rashly--just ask ...[more]

Modifications:   M30b35 / 3xdcoe / shrick cam / stahl headers / e21 recaros / lacewood dash / open-lug Alpina wheels / LaJolla springs / oversize front and rear sway bars / 5 speed / chrome bumpers

3.0 CS1972 2240271VeronaUnited States of America11/5/2009
General History:   Owner - Thomas Rasmussen - Emmett, ID 2003-present Raymonde Bouchard - Montreale, Quebec - ?-2003 Originally shipped to Canada (19 June 1972) Licensed as 1973

Modifications:   Euro style rear lights (fog lamp), U.S. side marker delete, car came with both a black velour and black leather interior - don't know which is original. To date, car completely stripped, all rust completely removed and car coated in POR-15, primed, interior panels painted. All parts ...[more]

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