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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CSi1972 2261258PolarisUnited States of America10/10/2016
General History:  

Modifications:   s38 m5 engine installed and complete restoration

3.0 CSi1972 2260866PolarisUnited States of America12/12/2009
General History:   This coupe was original delivered to Italy with a Polaris Metallic exterior and blue velour interior. The car was subsequently purchased and imported into the US by a physician living in Los Angeles, CA. It has been resprayed at least twice and current color is Baikal. The original owner gave ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5L, 5-speed, staggered Alpinas, Bilsteins, lowering springs, and Recaros.

3.0 CSi1972 2261853FjordblauPoland4/10/2016
General History:   Hi everyone, I'm from Poland and I bought my CSI in 2012. I brought it from Sicily. I'm still working on my BMW but finish is near.

Modifications:   Full stock.

3.0 CSi1972 2260809OtherUnited States of America4/11/2016
General History:   eBay 4/11/16, googoutgoogout is the seller using another of his aliases


3.0 CSi1972 2260893TundraUnited States of America9/29/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262227PolarisUnited States of America11/16/2009
General History:   manufactured 05/16/1972 delivered to Italy 05/24/1972 original color Baikal

Modifications:   Restored by www.coupeking.com in 2011 3.5 L added

3.0 CSi1972 2262858InkaNetherlands3/7/2010
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262540CeylongoldUnited States of America5/23/2010
General History:   when new, delivered to austria. delivered on june 22nd 1972 to dealer. car was originally stored in california, trailered back to wisconsin by a relative after the house was sold. bought from relative of first or second owner. car is alpine white, but was originally ceylon gold. need some ...[more]

Modifications:   none

3.0 CSi1972 2261615AtlantisblauGermany5/24/2016
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262039Polaris NeuItaly3/20/2016
General History:   only two owners, exceptional conserved car


3.0 CSi1972 2261155PolarisUnited States of America1/23/2010
General History:   Car was delivered to Italy in 1972. Car has electric front windows. No US DOT marker lghts added when imported. True Euro car. Undergoing full restoration.

Modifications:   Blue vinyl seats replace trashed velour seats. 3.5L engine conversion contemplated.

3.0 CSi1972 2263733PolarisItaly1/10/2010
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262294TaigaCanada9/8/2015
General History:   Owner is in Vancouver, it was for sale earlier this year, fender tops look like butter


3.0 CSi1972 2261582TundraLatvia9/2/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262663PolarisUnited States of America8/30/2015
General History:   Registered in New Jersey since June 2006. Was restored sometime prior to that.


3.0 CSi1972 2261755Polaris NeuUnited States of America8/19/2015
General History:   BMW 30 CSI A real 3.0 CSI, no clone or engine swap Original CSI engine runs nicely This car is technically sound, runs very good and can be driven right away. Fantastic view as like new. All original one owner from new It does not need anything MANUAL TRASMISSION 4 SPEED POWER ...[more]

Modifications:   Craigs List San Diego

3.0 CSi1972 2261659PolarisUnited States of America7/22/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2263319FjordblauUnited States of America7/21/2015
General History:   stayed in Europe for eight years or so, then shipped to CA and stayed there until March 2015. Now in Indiana.


3.0 CSi1972 2261641FjordblauUnited States of America1/13/2011
General History:   Build Date: 02/10/1972 Delivery date: 02/24/1972 (Italy) Imported to Boston in 1985 Final disposition: Crushed 2010

Modifications:   None

3.0 CSi1972 2262814PolarisUnited States of America6/29/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   basket case

3.0 CSi1972 2266326PolarisUnited States of America12/22/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2260495BaikalUnited States of America5/12/2015
General History:   The BMW 3.0 CSi VIN 2260495 was manufactured on September 17th, 1971 and delivered on September 29th, 1971 to BMW Italia in Palazzolo/Verona. The original colour was Baikal metallic, paint code 042. Imported in 1984 to the US

Modifications:   All Original

3.0 CSi1972 2265223ChamonixUnited States of America5/9/2015
General History:   Unknown; purchased through a third party from a Pedro German Neumann of San Ysidro, CA. Registered to Neumann as far back as 2002. Told it was once registered in Frankfurt

Modifications:   Factory is Fjiordblau Wheels are Alpina knock-offs Front and rear strut supports/bars Battery in trunk

3.0 CSi1972 2263210ColoradoUnited States of America1/26/2010
General History:   • VIN # 2263210—Number 3210 out of a complete production run of 6506 CSi coupes. It is one of 2999 1972 CSi coupes built and delivered worldwide during the 1972 production year. This car was built on August 28th 1972 with original color of “Colorado (02)”. • It was ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5L, 5spd, 16" Alpinas, Stainless Exhaust, CSL Steering & Fender trims.

3.0 CSi1972 2264013SchwarzPortugal12/16/2009
General History:   some inor and defective work during the last 20 years

Modifications:   none

3.0 CSi1972 2263278BaikalGermany3/8/2015
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2261724OtherUnited States of America2/14/2010
General History:   I believe originally delivered to Italy. I also believe I am about the fourth owner. Car had been resprayed in original color prior to my ownership. The car is in excellent shape and is driven regularly.

Modifications:   None.

3.0 CSi1972 2262137ChamonixAustralia8/4/2014
General History:  

Modifications:   nil

3.0 CSi1972 2262588Anthrazit-GrauBelgium1/11/2010
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2262372NachtblauUnited States of America11/3/2009
General History:   Imported by me in 1985, from Torino,Italy, many prev. italian owners repaired rust issues and bare metal respray in 2005, same color. All running gear is original.

Modifications:   All original, except for coupe king tan leather interior and carpets, redone wood, SS exhaust, 5 sp 265, new shocks, tires etc.

3.0 CSi1972 2260449OtherSweden3/10/2014
General History:   owned by me since 1985..

Modifications:   M5 engine (S32) 5speed man/sport

3.0 CSi1972 226505PolarisUnited States of America7/7/2010
General History:   Major bare metal restoration completed prior to my purchase. Restoration done to a very high standard.

Modifications:   Period correct air conditioning and radio added

3.0 CSi1972 2261376BaikalGermany3/3/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2263929BaikalUnited States of America11/6/2009
General History:   Imported from Italy in 1984. Restored this past year. Currently being delivered to new owner.

Modifications:   Alpina wheels,steering wheel & shift knob, Full suspension upgrade,Recaro seats,CSL airdam,CSI stripes

3.0 CSi1972 2260971InkaUnited States of America10/22/2010
General History:   Appears to have been an Italian delivery car, imported to the US sometime in the 80s. Was purchased from Indiana in 2010 and fully restored and updated in San Francisco, CA.

Modifications:   S38 M5 Engine, Coupeking Sway Bars, HRE Custom Wheels, Custom Exhaust, Fuel Cell, 'Scheel'-type seats from GTS Classics and a renovated interior, Split Second Injector

3.0 CSi1972 2264671PolarisSweden11/4/2009
General History:  

Modifications:   The car is a copy of the csl "Battmobile"

3.0 CSi1972 2263965TaigaPoland2/10/2014
General History:  


3.0 CSi1972 2252551PolarisNetherlands9/22/2010
General History:   2000: imported from Italy to the Netherlands 2000: restored 2000 - 2008: two owners march 2010: bought by current owner

Modifications:   leather interior

3.0 CSi1972 2263786SchwarzSwitzerland11/4/2009
General History:   The car was ordered in Switzerland by Hans in november 1972 as a christmas present for his wife Beatrice. Hans died 1986 and Beatrice restored the car in 1987 for CHF 50'000.-. The car is Schwarz (086) with red leather interior. Productiondate: November 21, 1972

Modifications:   BBS RS 005 7x16 et 11 (205/55 ZR 16), BBS RS 022 9x16 et 24 (245/45 ZR 16) - Alpina 7x16 et 11 (205/55 ZR 16), Alpina 8x16 et 24 (225/50 ZR 16), Bilstein/Eibach, Ř38 cm CSL leather steering wheel (Petri) with its original longer wheel hub.

3.0 CSi1972 2261184PolarisSpain3/4/2014
General History:   In our home since 23/11/1976


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