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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
3.0 CS1973 2250417BaikalUnited States of America11/28/2012
General History:   For sale on eBay 11/28/12, three owners, unmodified


3.0 CS1973 2213518ChamonixUnited States of America12/9/2012
General History:   first owner, Detmold Germany second owner 1982, my father moved to US in 2003

Modifications:   none

3.0 CS1973 2250467PolarisUnited States of America12/19/2012
General History:   Bought a lien sale car out of Northern California- a pretty serious rust-bucket car. Leather is history, floors are shot, windshield is smashed, a perfect restoration candidate!

Modifications:   Five speed, twin webers.

3.0 CS1973 2240618AtlantikUnited States of America9/28/2014
General History:   Purchased Sept. 2013, replaced battery, voltage regulator, fuel pump, tie rods. Rebuilt power steering pump. Working on interior.

Modifications:   Color changed to Atlantik(blue) from Polaris (silver) by previous owner, engine rebuilt at roughly 90.000 miles.

3.0 CS1973 2240518MalagaUnited States of America8/17/2012
General History:   Purchased used in 1980, Totally restored in 1982

Modifications:   Recaro seats

3.0 CS1973 2232362NachtblauFrance8/21/2010
General History:   I Bought it on may 2010, i'm the fourth owner and it is in strictly original condition.

Modifications:   none for the moment :) just add an adaptation to drive it by the steering wheel because i'm quadriplegic.

3.0 CS1973 2250412NachtblauUnited States of America11/1/2014
General History:   General History: A unique little beauty! A true survivor. Chrome bumper, 4-speed stick, new Bilstein shocks, new suspension, brakes, hoses, rotors, pads, etc. Original paint - dark blue with tan leather interior. Nice carpet. No accidents. Garage kept. California car - no rust, runs excellent.

Modifications:   seen in Roundel

3.0 CS1973 2240623Polaris NeuUnited States of America12/19/2012
General History:   Restored California car.

Modifications:   CN Springs/bars, 16" staggered Alpina's

3.0 CS1973 2250562InkaUnited States of America8/24/2012
General History:   Two owners, sold at Weber Motors in Fresno. Needs everything but an incredibly solid and rust free body.


3.0 CS1973 2213851UnknownRussian Federation1/12/2015
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2240840SaharaUnited States of America8/25/2012
General History:  

Modifications:   La Jolla Independent lowering springs, Bilstein HD's, 16" BBS, Getrag 265 5-speed, weber carbs.

3.0 CS1973 2250396BaikalUnited States of America9/15/2012
General History:   EBay 9/15/12, red interior, Star European dealer, item number 320983530198


3.0 CS1973 2250689FjordblauUnited States of America9/17/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2213744PolarisUnited States of America9/24/2012
General History:  


3.0 CS1973 2240695NachtblauUnited States of America1/16/2011
General History:   Purchased from an Accountant in Beverly Hills, Ca in 1986. I'm the 4th Owner. Lots of exterior parts were missing. One brake disk (rear) has a chip on it. one rear power window needs regulator. I have not installed. Tool tray is shattered and removed. Car in storage since 1993. Will run but needs ...[more]

Modifications:   None

3.0 CS1973 2240859FjordblauUnited States of America11/16/2009
General History:   Info from BMW: The BMW 3.0 CS US VIN 2240859 was manufactured on June 7th, 1973 and delivered on August 14th, 1973 to the importer BMW Italia S.p.A. in Palazzolo/Verona. The original colour was Fjord metallic, paintcode 037. A cleaned and polished barn find.

Modifications:   Bilstein / ST suspension, staggered Alpina wheels, Stahl header, Hella lamps.

3.0 CS1973 2250546FjordblauUnited States of America1/20/2011
General History:   Stripped for repaint. More rust then you'd expect for a california car. !@#$ germans! Update 4/20/12 Back from Paint. Need to reassemble now.... Drive train and engine rebuilt...Added new picture. Camera makes it look more blue then it really is. Back together now.. AC upgraded to Sanded and ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5 M30B35 Megasquirt 5 speed

3.0 CS1973 2264182FjordblauUnited States of America11/24/2014
General History:   italian car mech restore by Luigi Moreschi Auto in Italy imported to FL and shipped to CT

Modifications:   complete repaint, new engine and drivetrain

3.0 CS1974 4310088UnknownCanada4/4/2011
General History:   Parted out in 2009 based on member comments on e9coupe.com


3.0 CS1974 4310286SienabraunUnited States of America4/1/2011
General History:  


3.0 CS1974 4335116BaikalUnited States of America4/7/2011
General History:   3rd owner in 1983 previous owner(s) had change color from baikal blue to anthracite grey and was peeling, upholstery was tearing up

Modifications:   newer head with rings and bearings job in 1983 added webers in late 80s complete cosmetic restoration and return color to factory baikal w/ all new chrome trimmings and rubber 1992 plus new wood and seat upholstery replace complete front end, bushings, steering, shocks and rear bushings ...[more]

3.0 CS1974 4320305VeronaGermany3/14/2011
General History:   Car has been manufactured 25.07.1974 and delivered 04.10.1974 to the reseller. Original color Polaris metallic, color code 060.

Modifications:   Current color has been changed to verona,

3.0 CS1974 4335384NachtblauUnited States of America2/14/2011
General History:   Owned since I was in High school still one of the youngest owners in California I think.

Modifications:   Progressive weber carbs, Nardi steering wheel, slightly updated radio.

3.0 CS1974 4335423PolarisUnited States of America2/12/2011
General History:   I have had this vehicle since 1983. I purchased it from an individual in Beverly Hills. I believe I'm the third owner. It was pretty much original except Hardy Beck wheels, and Weber Carbs. Still working on it. Recent Coupeking engine rebuild, lowering springs and interior refresh. Its back ...[more]


3.0 CS1974 4335429VeronaUnited States of America11/7/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   '84 3.3 engine, 5sp manual trans.

3.0 CS1974 4310027PolarisUnited States of America11/5/2009
General History:   Owners - Thomas Rasmussen - Emmett, ID 2002-present George Janour - SF, CA 2000-2002 Madeleine Duva - SF, CA 1994?-2000 Originally shipped to U.S. 14 March 1972

Modifications:   None - yet. Red leather interior replaced. Rust around sunroof but otherwise clean car.

3.0 CS1974 2231665PolarisUnited Kingdom3/22/2011
General History:   This 3.0CSA was built on December 1972 and delivered to UK on December 22nd 1972. Original colour was Inka Orange

Modifications:   Will be switching to 4 speed manual from automatic transmission

3.0 CS1974 2265989PolarisUnited States of America6/13/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   recaros, alpinas. carls springs

3.0 CS1974 4310174SienabraunCanada12/20/2009
General History:   Purchased in the Bay area in 2005 - e-bay - Formally owned by a M.D. in Gillmore, CA History is "fuzzy" Car now lives in Comox, B.C.

Modifications:   3.3 factory long block and d-jet F.I. installed in 1986. BBS three piece wheels 16 X 7 and 16 X 8. 635 front spoiler. 1971 2800 CS bumpers. Strut brace by orangener

3.0 CS1974 4335191PolarisCanada1/14/2010
General History:   American car, renovated in Europe, sent to Canada

Modifications:   Changing American bumpers to European

3.0 CS1974 4310065ChamonixUnited States of America1/10/2011
General History:  

Modifications:   3.5 635 engine, Webers, electronic ignition

3.0 CS1974 4310008GranatrotUnited States of America11/4/2009
General History:   Mine since 1999. Driven only on dry days.

Modifications:   AC (not working), elec. windows, elec. sunroof, 4 spd, blk leather (redone Feb. 2012), Crane ignition. Resprayed 025 Sep. 2007.Converted to D-Jet 2010. Euro bumpers Aug. 2012

3.0 CS1974 4310083PolarisUnited States of America1/5/2011
General History:   I am the second owner. Previous owner completed paint/body restoration. Otherwise - OE.

Modifications:   N/A

3.0 CS1974 4310340SienabraunUnited States of America3/24/2010
General History:   First sold in Salt Lake City, UT, 3/75. Sometime between '76 and '82, car was sold and relocated to an owner in Laguna Beach, CA. Present owner purchased it in Jan. 1987. Car was daily driver until 2002. Moved from CA to VA in 2000.

Modifications:   Weber carbs 5-speed

3.0 CS1974 4335294NachtblauUnited States of America12/14/2009
General History:   First owner in Fort Worth, TX. Second and third owners in Houston, TX. Fourth owner in Baton Rouge, LA. I'm the fifth owner, in Katy, TX.

Modifications:   Converted to manual 4 speed transmission when new. Weber carburetors 32/36 DGAV, modified camshaft, Alpina 16" rims, front strut bar

3.0 CS1974 4335067ChamonixUnited States of America2/6/2011
General History:   Apparently always a California vehicle; last owner had it in San Diego since 2002; been maintained by LaJolla Independent, Chris Keefer and Carl Nelson since then. Shipped to current home Tampa, FL 2/2011 and now a daily driver.

Modifications:   3.5 Engine from a 1992 735 series; sway bars, Lucas injectors,front and rear springs mod, reverse camber plate all done by Carl Nelson.

3.0 CS1974 4335449Jade GreenUnited States of America12/12/2010
General History:   One of the very last cars to be produced and imported for the US.One of only a very few that were originally produced in stunning # 078 Jadegrun with Ferrari "Saddle" Leather.This is a 1975 BMW color and the CS's were never imported in 1975.Roundel Cover car in 1992 and in a few other books.Owned ...[more]

Modifications:   3.5 Euro Spec. Engine.L Jetronic injected with 5 Speed O/D Transmission.16 inch Polished and Painted Staggered Alpina Wheels.Recaro Front seats with Full Leather.Really nice sound system.

3.0 CS1974 4310357PolarisUnited States of America3/13/2010
General History:   Very clean and straight, 11/2009 repaint original

Modifications:   Marchan Hi-Lo hd lite upgrade, 6 Spkr Kenwood stereo and amp,minor engine-bay component chroming

3.0 CS1974 4335411PolarisUnited States of America10/24/2009
General History:   Build date of December 4, 1974. Delivered to Hoffman Motors Corp. in NYC on December 19, 1974. Original color Polaris Metallic, Paint Code 060. Originally an automatic, near complete restoration performed in 2009 by Coupe King. Driven a couple days per week.

Modifications:   Converted from automatic to 5-Speed with Euro bumpers and DOT reflectors removed. New carpet kit; Weber 32/36 carbs; Petronix ignition; custom trunk detail; Blaupunkt w/ bluetooth phone and six speaker stereo.

3.0 CS1974 4335299Polaris NeuUnited States of America7/18/2010
General History:   I just acquired the car. I have not been able lto ascertain any information on the car as of yet. I am hoping to find out more than just that the car is originally from Connecticut.

Modifications:   No modification whatsoever. It has rather inexpensive paint job, but everything else is original.

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