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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2800 CS1971 2280478InkaUnited States of America5/7/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   none

2800 CS1971 2270311ChamonixUnited States of America11/19/2015
General History:   Spent many years in Hawaii now will reside in Carlsbad, CA

Modifications:   3.5 Engine, 5 Speed, Recaro Seats, Dinan Sway Bars

2800 CS1971 2270211UnknownUnited States of America12/5/2014
General History:   I really runner and daily driver. Will sell for $20K which includes $5K of trim parts. It has rust in all the typical locations but still in great shape. Going in for restoration in Jan 2015 unless someone steals it. If not it will be a gem on the other side.

Modifications:   Suspension and stance

2800 CS1971 2205769ChamonixSweden1/26/2014
General History:   The car has been stored in a barn since 1985 i bought the car


2800 CS1971 2270588AlpinweissUnited States of America1/21/2014
General History:  

Modifications:   rebuilt 5 speed, transmission, rear disc brakes. electronic igniiotn. updated window motors, new ac system, new leather, new headlinear, new carpet, weber down draft,new paint new tires,new exhaust system, new windshield, new brake mastercylinder, new alternator, newclutch,newclutch ...[more]

2800 CS1971 2205895UnknownUnited Kingdom3/11/2012
General History:   Not much know, imported from RSA in 1997. Has been mechanioally overhauld, base metal respray, just completing resoration.

Modifications:   A/C, 5 speed. Uprated spring and dampers

2800 CS1971 2270465TundraUnited States of America3/20/2012
General History:   Bought from owner in Dade City, Florida in 1979.

Modifications:   None.

2800 CS1971 2270088UnknownBrazil6/10/2012
General History:  


2800 CS1971 2280479PolarisUnited States of America6/21/2012
General History:   unknown is refurbished no rust partially disassembled

Modifications:   3.0 mod 9.5cr cam light flywheel programable efi

2800 CS1971 2280514PolarisUnited States of America6/28/2012
General History:  

Modifications:   None

2800 CS1971 2205769AlpinweissSweden1/17/2014
General History:   The car has not been used sin 1985 it has been stored in barn since then.

Modifications:   In restoration with new paintjobb and some whelding.

2800 CS1972 2204189AtlantisblauUnited States of America11/17/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1972 2280191TaigaUnited Kingdom4/25/2015
General History:   2800 CSA. Full bare bodyshell restoration in 2013/14 and respray from green to tiaga. Full interior refurbishment 2014. Partial refurb of running gear; chassis refresh & brakes.

Modifications:   CSL front airdam, winglets and roof spoiler. CSL chrome arches.

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