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 Model   Year   VIN   Color   Country   Entry Date  
2800 CS1970 2203367PolarisThailand5/11/2016
General History:   The BMW 2800 CS VIN 2203367 was manufactured on March 06th, 1970 and delivered on April 24th, 1970 to the BMW importer Yontrakit Motor Company Ltd. in Bangkok. The original colour was Polaris metallic, paint code 060. LHD The car was built with a manual transmission


2800 CS1970 2280224NachtblauUnited States of America1/17/2017
General History:  

Modifications:   Stripped by previous owners in San Jose, CA and Senatobia, MS. Many modifications for racing including: tube frame/cage, fiberglass tilt front end, 3.0CS rear subframe/brakes, inboard rear brakes, etc. Color TBD.

2800 CS1970 2270309TundraUnited States of America1/17/2017
General History:   purchased in 2015 from central cal mechanic who owned the car for decades- in dry storage after oil pump failure. Car is very dry and great candidate for full restoration. will convert to disc brakes from euro donor car.


2800 CS1970 2280054ChamonixUnited States of America1/5/2017
General History:   Another Googout coupe on eBay 1/5/17, item 252708898709


2800 CS1970 2270347OtherUnited States of America12/9/2016
General History:   eBay 12/9/16, needs restoration and reassembly


2800 CS1970 2270282TundraUnited States of America11/10/2016
General History:   On CL in SF Bay Area, asking $29,900, looks pretty clean

Modifications:   BMW 2800CS coupe original 79K miles sold originally at Leif Lindzen Motors in Berkeley, still retains its original license plate frames and blue plates. The car was purchased by an Oakland Hills doctor in 1971 who's son drove the car for nearly a year and was sold to the Taylor family in the ...[more]

2800 CS1970 2270263NachtblauUnited States of America10/20/2009
General History:   Manufactured on May 25th, 1970 and delivered on June 10th, 1970 to the Hoffman Motors Corp. in NewYork City. This was a CA car until 2000 when it was shipped East to me.

Modifications:   Flowfit front seats, E24 rear seats, Nardi wheel, Bilsteins, Carl Nelson springs and sways, front strut bar, offset strut mounts, 16" staggered BBS', 3.3L with dual Weber 38s, Shrick cam,lightened flywheel, 123 programmable distributor, stainless exhaust, 3.0 brakes, 5 speed, 3.45 LSD.

2800 CS1970 2280288MalagaUnited States of America10/3/2016
General History:   Craigslist ad 10/3/16, pretty rusty


2800 CS1970 2270050BaikalUnited States of America10/21/2009
General History:   A northwest car since day one. Purchased in Yakima. Owner moved to Portland in early 80's. Up near Seattle now in 2008 (and on). I'm the 5'th owner as best I can tell.

Modifications:   Alpina 16" wheels (replica) - European front turn signals - Carl Nelson lowering springs & Bilstein shocks. I have a 5-speed transmission that needs to go in to replace a soon to die ZF 4-speed. Otherwise - VERY stock.

2800 CS1970 2270266NachtblauUnited States of America10/22/2009
General History:   I purchased the car from the original family that purchased the car new in Oregon. Car has always been a New Mexico car, I was able to find car through my wife, it was in storage for 15 years. A real time piece, car was repainted by owners in late 70's due to clear coat separation and not a ...[more]

Modifications:   Totally stock with the exception of 20 spoke BMW wheels, still have original wheels, tires and hubcaps. All tools present, brand new sheepskins for front seats in the trunk in original boxes from BMW now on car.

2800 CS1970 2280350NachtblauUnited States of America9/12/2016
General History:   eBay 9/12/16, very rusty, left outside to rot


2800 CS1970 2205017NachtblauGermany8/17/2015
General History:  

Modifications:   Alpina B6

2800 CS1970 2205981GranatrotBelgium5/12/2016
General History:  


2800 CS1970 2270096BristolUnited States of America9/9/2015
General History:  


2800 CS1970 2280183NachtblauUnited States of America5/11/2016
General History:   Originally imported by Hoffman Motors Corporation for Martin Motor Sales New York NY, then purchased June 14th 1972 from Continental Motors in Stamford CT and owned in Westport CT, then purchased on October 1st 1995 and owned in Sharon CT, then purchased May 6th 2016 by current owner in Westfield ...[more]

Modifications:   The current modifications to the car are an M30 3.0 twin Weber Motor and 4 speed manual in place of the original automatic.

2800 CS1970 2270335BristolUnited States of America10/22/2009
General History:   I have owned since 1989. Bought from Clairmont Continental Motors in Berkeley, Calif. Seller claimed it was first owned by George Lucas, though I cannot confirm this. Has always been a driver, though following significant body& paint restoration in '08 - '09 it has become a bit of a "garage ...[more]

Modifications:   5 speed, Weber 34-36

2800 CS1970 2270163polarisUnited States of America10/26/2009
General History:   owned since 1983, last repaint 1989, new front windshield and seals/trim 2008 floor pans replaced in 2006

Modifications:   5 spd, 3.07 lsd, weber carbs, new 3 tone black/grey custom leather interior. Din1 IPOD stereo system, amp and eq Wood redone in Carpathian elm burl

2800 CS1970 2270013Polaris NeuUnited States of America10/27/2009
General History:   Built 9/1/69 and delivered on 9/5/69. Supposedly the 2nd 2800CS imported by Hoffman. Spent most of life stored in Colorado collection. Has original paint, leather, wood, engine, trans, diff, etc.

Modifications:   Rear shelf speakers (though these were typically dealer installed)

2800 CS1970 2202681PolarisSweden1/8/2016
General History:  

Modifications:   Polaris Silver, M30B35 3,0 Brakes

2800 CS1970 2270218SaharaUnited States of America10/27/2009
General History:   5th owner, car was originally from Florida

Modifications:   3.0 motor Webber carbs

2800 CS1970 2280028Anthrazit-GrauAustralia11/29/2015
General History:   Purchased in November 2015 through Anglia Car Auctions. Car imported from California in October 2015. Car has now been sent to Melbourne Australia as I have returned home. Will be partially restoring the car there. Member of the BMW Car Club of Victoria.

Modifications:   Mahle BBS 14x7 wheels

2800 CS1970 2202988Jade GreenUnited States of America11/27/2015
General History:   Bought with cracked cylinder head, not run since 1987.

Modifications:   Stock, needing restoration

2800 CS1970 2221594NachtblauPoland10/31/2009
General History:   This car was delivered to Austria, then somehow got to Switzerland. Was imported but never registerd to Germany and kept for 16 years in storage. Then it was bought by me from ebay.de and imported to Poland


2800 CS1970 2270256ChamonixUnited States of America5/25/2014
General History:   Sat in garage for a few years, back on the road now. Original cloth seats and manual front windows. Was shipped to Uganda on 6/12/1970 but she made it home!

Modifications:   Rims, Steering wheel (have original)

2800 CS1970 2202577Orange & BlackUnited States of America10/22/2009
General History:   MFG date : Dec 1969. Originally sold to Denzel Dealership in Vienna, 1970. Original color was Polaris. History unknown until acquired from fellow E9 enthusiast in Southern California in 2004. Color was Ceylon with tan leather interior at that time. Prior owner to him installed C/R 5spd and ...[more]

Modifications:   3.3L, 300deg Alpina cam, dual Weber 38s, over-sized Alpina valves, ceramic coated header, race coil-over & Bilstien suspension, C/R 5spd sport tranny, 3.45 LSD, Painless 12 circuit harness, 100amp GM alternater, body & interior lightened.

2800 CS1970 2270095UnknownUnited States of America6/27/2012
General History:   Seen in old CS Register mailing list.


2800 CS1970 2270573UnknownCanada6/17/2013
General History:  

Modifications:   In a junkyard rusting in peace

2800 CS1970 2220537ArktisblauSwitzerland6/19/2013
General History:   Bought as a parts car in the early 90s and sent to the scrap yard


2800 CS1970 2270162PolarisUnited States of America5/17/2013
General History:   PO passed away while I was trying to make a deal. Wife bought the car from his estate, so technically "hers". Rust free (yay!)

Modifications:   Triple Weber carbs, period aftermarket wheels, Alpina intake, great looking Pioneer "box" speakers on the parcel shelf!

2800 CS1970 2270314AtlantikUnited States of America8/2/2013
General History:   In dire condition, stored outside many years. On eBay August 2013. #281143196545


2800 CS1970 2202698PolarisGermany8/25/2013
General History:  

Modifications:   Porsche red

2800 CS1970 2280106UnknownUnited States of America10/23/2013
General History:  


2800 CS1970 2270084TundraUnited States of America9/7/2010
General History:   I purchased the car in August 2010. I fixed a few mechanical items and renewed the hoses/belts/fluids to get the car on the road. After driving it occasionally for a couple years I got serious about restoration, starting with replacement of the rusted fenders. As of July 2015, it's back on the ...[more]

Modifications:   replaced Zeinith carbs with Webbers

2800 CS1970 2270356OtherUnited States of America9/25/2013
General History:   eBay 9/25/13, #271284862561, needs work

Modifications:   Royal Blue?

2800 CS1970 2203293NachtblauNetherlands4/24/2013
General History:  

Modifications:   Red leather uppholstery,new wood finish, bigger BBS wheels

2800 CS1970 2203022TundraUnited States of America5/30/2013
General History:   eBay 5/30/13 item 121118662025. Imported in 1997, looks pretty rusty and abused.


2800 CS1970 2280006VeronaUnited States of America10/13/2010
General History:  

Modifications:   Color changed to verona and black interior. Installed 3.5 injected engine and 4 speed manual transmission.

2800 CS1970 2280059UnknownGermany3/3/2013
General History:   from German CS list


2800 CS1970 2203809NachtblauPoland2/4/2012
General History:  


2800 CS1970 2280048UnknownUnited States of America11/10/2010
General History:  


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