Remove plug.
Caution! Heavy spring pressure.
Remove spring and piston.

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Note when fitting: Check piston installation distance A and
length of untensioned spring B¹.
Conical wound end of spring faces plug.

Siehe auch ¹ See specifications
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Check that vent slots (1) are open with compressed air.
Force air out of valves if slots are plugged.
Clean vent slots.
Note when fitting: Be careful not to cover vent slots with
perforated disc.

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Remove cylinder head cover to bleed piston- see 11 12 000.
Install piston and spring.
Tighten plug slightly.
Fill oil recess with engine oil.
Move tensioning rail back and forth with a screwdriver until
oil leaves at the plug (2).
The following faults could be causing abnormal chain noise.
a) piston bled incorrectly.
b) piston siezed.
c) vent slots plugged.
d) ball valve in piston mal-functions.
e) spring pressure too high or too low.
f) piston installation distance incorrect.

Siehe auch 11 12 000
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